Tropico 4: Modern Times Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Tropico 4 Modern Times Walkthrough
State of Emergency
The Hiccups
The Truth is Out There
The Shakes
Countdown to Oblivion
Keep Calm and Carry On
War on Terror
Presidente vs Zombies

State of Emergency
Brunhilde Van Hoof welcomes you back to Tropico in her own special way, by attempting to cause a series of social disasters to stall and eliminate your return to power.

Avatar Bio

  • Background: Chief of Police, Developer, Farmer, Harvard U., Leftist Author, Moscow U., Professor, Self-Made Man, Silver Spoon
  • Rise to Power: Capitalist Rebellion, Communist Rebellion, Elected as Capitalist, Installed by the CIA, Installed by the KGB
  • Traits: Administrator, Cheapskate, Diplomatic, Entrepreneurial, Financial Genius, Hardworking, Incorruptible, Kleptomaniac, Multiple Personality Disorder, Populist, Scholarly, Vigilante, Well-Travelled

Primary Tasks

Food Crisis in Tropico – Penultimo
Build 6 food producing buildings (Farms, Ranches, of Fisherman Wharves).

  • There is plenty of prime food crop land around the Palace. Build at least 1 each of food Farms and Ranches; don’t worry with cash crop Farms (tobacco, sugar, coffee) for now.

Panic Meter – Brunhilde Van Hoof
A social disaster will trigger each time the Panic Meter reaches 100%.

Feed the World – Penultimo
Export 2,000 Food.
Reward: $20,000 Treasury

Anti-Crisis Protests – Penultimo
Build a Newspaper.
Reward: The Panic Meter will be reset, protests will stop.

  • Newspapers require 3 college-educated females as journalists to run it. Build schools first, or spend the money to hire them from abroad.
  • If you have the money, build 2 Newspapers to prepare for the Doomsday Rumors in Tropico task.

Tropimart – Antonio Lopez
Construct a Supermarket.
Reward: The Panic Meter will be reset, $10,000 SBA

  • Hold off on building this immediately.
  • First, build a Marketplace. Then wait for the secondary tasks to pop up that requires you to upgrade your Marketplaces to Supermarkets for $2,000.
  • Accept that task, then upgrade when you have the money. Voila! Both tasks completed.

Doomsday Rumors in Tropico – Penultimo
Have 6 Journalists.
Reward: The Panic Meter will be reset.

Fishier Business – Antonio Lopez
Have 2 Fish Farms.
Reward: +15 Capitalist Respect.

Special Crisis Committee – Brunhilde Van Hoof
Assemble a full Cabinet of Ministers.
Reward: The Panic Meter will be reset, + $9,785 Treasury.

Madagascar or Bust – Penultimo
Build a new TV station or some people will immigrate to Madagascar.
Reward: The Panic Meter will be reset.

  • TV Stations require electricity.

Assemble the Doomsday Squad – General Rodriguez
have 10 Soldiers and Generals.
Reward: The Panic Meter will be reset.

  • Build Armories for Generals, and Army Bases and Guard Stations for Soldiers.

In With the New – Sunny Flowers
Have 2 Bio Farms.
Reward: +15 Environmentalists Respect.

  • Have 1 or both of them set on cash crops to prepare for the World Economic Crisis and Switzerland of the Caribbean tasks.
  • Check your Almanac to see which cash crop is currently the most profitable.
  • Check your Overlays > Crop Conditions tab to see where to build the Bio Farms on the best land for your chosen crop.

Crime Wave in Tropico – Penultimo
Build a new Prison.
Reward: The Panic Meter will be reset.

  • Build 2 Prisons to prepare for the Put Crime to Sleep task.

Put Crime to Sleep – Penultimo
Arrest or eliminate all criminals.
Reward: The Panic Meter will be reset.

World Economic Crisis – Penultimo
Build 2 new Factories.
Reward: The Panic Meter will be reset.

The Switzerland of the Caribbean – Antonio Lopez
Export 1,000 Industry Goods.
Reward: Win the scenario.

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3 Comments on Tropico 4: Modern Times Walkthrough


On August 10, 2012 at 5:38 pm

So, the table of contents links back to this page?!?!?!?! Getting stuck on Mission 6 in modern times. Keeps busting me out after it tells me to keep the canned good export above 200. Aaaaaaaargh.


On December 28, 2012 at 3:07 am

Uh huh. The campaign has 12 episodes, and only 8 are described in this walkthrough…


On December 25, 2015 at 3:17 am

@Walzo: If You haven’t figured it it out yet, here’s how: Stop with every task You have been given after the chaos index has been introduced and starts rising, do NOT build canneries or stop the existing ones immediately. Wait until the index rises over 200 (it will do it by itself), after that continue with the tasks normally.