Tropico 4: Modern Times Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Tropico 4 Modern Times Walkthrough
State of Emergency
The Hiccups
The Truth is Out There
The Shakes
Countdown to Oblivion
Keep Calm and Carry On
War on Terror
Presidente vs Zombies

The Shakes
This irritating mission will test your nerves at handling a series of earthquakes, and introduces a new shadowy figure to contend with.

Avatar Bio
The first task in this scenario gives you the choice to follow three paths: Tourism, Agriculture, or Industry. Choose appropriate Background, Rise to Power, and Traits that will compliment the path you choose to follow.

The following tasks follow the Industry path.

Primary Tasks

My Secret Lab – Dr. Steinschneider
Pay $40,000

Forced Depletion – Dr. Steinschneider
Export 1,000 Iron.

The Land Down Under? – Dr. Steinschneider
Power Up the ESRBS – each month, all of your unused electrical power will be transferred to the weapon.

Unforeseeable Results – Dr. Steinschneider
Power up the ESRBS a second time – each month, all of your unused electrical power will be transferred to the weapon.

Third Time’s the Charm – Dr. Steinschneider
Power up the ESRBS a third and final time.

Secondary Tasks

! Fundraising – Antonio Lopez
Tourism (Build 2 Hotels in 12 months)
Agriculture (Build 4 Farms in 12 months)
Industry (Build any Factory in 12 months)
Reward: $20,000

! Calling All Builders – Penultimo
Build a new Construction Office.
Reward: $20,000 Treasury.

! Stop, Drop, and Roll – Comrade Vasquez
Have 12 Firemen.
Reward: $20,000, +10 Communists Respect.

! Smells Like Earthquake Weather – Miss Pineapple
Have a Weather Station with the Seismic Detector upgrade.
Reward: $20,000, +10 Intellectuals Respect.

! Worldwide Protests – Penultimo
Have 2 Colleges.
Reward: +10 Communists Respect, +10 Intellectuals Respect.

! Mining Efficiency – Dr. Steinschneider
Pay $10,000.
Reward: Borehole Mine unlocked, -20% construction cost of Borehole Mine.

! The Steinschneider Research Fund – Dr. Steinschneider (recurring)
You will give money for research each months based on the chosen funding model.
Reward: One random technology upon research complettion.

! The Disaster Aid Scam – Antonio Lopez
Build a new TV Station.
Reward: Gain additional foreign aid after disasters, based on the number of Journalists on the island.

! Devastating Profit – Antonio Lopez (recurring)

! The British Invasion (1/2)
Build a Sports Complex.

! The British Invasion (2/2)
Issue the Headliner edict.
Reward: +30 Europe Relations, +10 Happiness of all women, -20 Religious Relations.

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3 Comments on Tropico 4: Modern Times Walkthrough


On August 10, 2012 at 5:38 pm

So, the table of contents links back to this page?!?!?!?! Getting stuck on Mission 6 in modern times. Keeps busting me out after it tells me to keep the canned good export above 200. Aaaaaaaargh.


On December 28, 2012 at 3:07 am

Uh huh. The campaign has 12 episodes, and only 8 are described in this walkthrough…


On December 25, 2015 at 3:17 am

@Walzo: If You haven’t figured it it out yet, here’s how: Stop with every task You have been given after the chaos index has been introduced and starts rising, do NOT build canneries or stop the existing ones immediately. Wait until the index rises over 200 (it will do it by itself), after that continue with the tasks normally.