Tropico 4: Modern Times Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Tropico 4 Modern Times Walkthrough
State of Emergency
The Hiccups
The Truth is Out There
The Shakes
Countdown to Oblivion
Keep Calm and Carry On
War on Terror
Presidente vs Zombies

Keep Calm and Carry On
With the world on the brink of mass hysteria over a possible World War Three, you have to find a way to keep the U.S. calm by employing some rather interesting methods.

Avatar Bio
Background: Farmer, Self-Made Man, Silver Spoon
Rise to Power: Capitalist Rebellion, Communist Rebellion, Elected as Capitalist, Velvet Revolution
Traits: Administrator, Cheapskate, Entrepreneurial, Financial Genius, Hardworking

Primary Tasks

Chaos in a Can – Ambassador Crane
Export 500 Canned Goods.
Reward: $10,000 SBA

Each Can is a Grenade – Dr. Steinschneider
Make $30,000 from exporting Canned Goods.
Reward: Canned Goods Index is increased by 300.

Chaos is the Key – Dr. Steinschneider
Keep the Canned Goods Index above 200 or lose the scenario!

Sheep-Powered Mind Control – Ambassador Crane
Have 25 Loyalists to send to the US.
Reward: +$30,000 SBA

A Robot?!? – Dr. Steinschneider
Have a total of 12 Organic Ranches and Rebels.

The Sixty-Six Percent – Marco Moreno
Build a Stock Exchange.
Reward: +2 Rebels will come to your island each year until you have a Stock Exchange.

Who Can We Blame – Brunhilde Van Hoof
The Rebels will attack your economic buildings every 2 years.

More Power – Dr. Steinschneider
Generate 1,000 MW of available electricity.

Secondary Tasks

! No Food is the Best Food – Sunny Flowers
Have 2 Supermarkets on the Healthy Food work mode.
Reward: +80 Canned Goods Index

! Young People Are to Blame – Brunhilde Van Hoof
Arrest 5 Citizens under the age of 21.
Reward: +90 Canned Goods Index

! The Eastboro Church – Reverend Esteban
Build a Diamond Cathedral.
Reward: +50 Canned Goods Index (Eastboro Church comes to Tropico)

! Who Wants Some Tea? – Antonio Lopez
Arrest 5 Communists… and issue the Tax Cut Edict.
Reward: +120 Canned Goods Index

! This Crisis is Getting Silly – General Igor Fedorov
Issue the Martial Law and Police State edicts.
Reward: +65 Canned Goods Index

! Harass the Military – Reverend Esteban
Brand 4 Soldiers as Heretics.
Reward: +160 Canned Goods Index

! How About More Tea? – Antonio Lopez
Kill 5 Communists… and issue a Tax Cut.
Reward: +150 Canned Goods Index

! Buy a Rebel – Antonio Lopez (recurring)
Buy a Rebel.
Reward: 4 new rebels will come to the island.

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3 Comments on Tropico 4: Modern Times Walkthrough


On August 10, 2012 at 5:38 pm

So, the table of contents links back to this page?!?!?!?! Getting stuck on Mission 6 in modern times. Keeps busting me out after it tells me to keep the canned good export above 200. Aaaaaaaargh.


On December 28, 2012 at 3:07 am

Uh huh. The campaign has 12 episodes, and only 8 are described in this walkthrough…


On December 25, 2015 at 3:17 am

@Walzo: If You haven’t figured it it out yet, here’s how: Stop with every task You have been given after the chaos index has been introduced and starts rising, do NOT build canneries or stop the existing ones immediately. Wait until the index rises over 200 (it will do it by itself), after that continue with the tasks normally.