Twisted Metal Walkthrough

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Black Rock Stadium – Endurance Battle

Hints and Tips

  1. The best vehicle choice for this type of match is Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck, as it equipped with both high levels of armor and firepower.
  2. Target and destroy enemies one at a time to complete this match in this most efficient manner possible. Save the most powerful weapons for your current prey and use less-effective attacks to fend off the other vehicles.
  3. Try to concentrate your first assaults on the vehicles equipped with the least mount of armor, such as Kamikaze, to rack up your kill count as quickly as possible.
  4. Use the inclines to reach the upper edge of the arena, where you can have access to the garage and various magnetic pads.
  5. When being pursued by an enemy vehicle, find the bridge lined with swinging obstacles and navigate across it safely in an attempt to lose the tail.
  6. Follow the skyway around to reach the health orb, then park under it under your life regenerates. Do not approach this area if you are being pursued by an enemy, because opponents have the ability to destroy this device and prevent further use.
  7. Just after the spiked ceiling rises back up after falling, enter the room at the center of the arena to collect a variety of powerful weapons and exit just as quickly.
  8. Do not use the red ramps that lead to the skyway if you are being pursued by an enemy as it makes you an easier target within the narrow area.
  9. Conversely, if you see an enemy enter the skyway then follow them for an easy kill.
  10. Complete this match-up to acquire Crimson Fury.

LA Skyline – Endurance Battle

Hints and Tips

  1. Choose a vehicle equipped with the advantage of speed to ensure that you make the majority of jumps when transferring between rooftops.
  2. Another effective vehicle choice is Road Boat, due its special weapon that has the ability to launch enemies over the sides of the buildings.
  3. Due to the enclosed spacing of the rooftop areas, make effective use of your close-range weaponry to eliminate enemies faster.
  4. When taking fire from multiple enemies and running low on health, retreat from the battle by transferring rooftops via a nearby ramp.
  5. Before ramping across a gap of any distance, make sure you have enough turbo to use for reaching the next rooftop.
  6. Instead of picking enemies off one-by-one, focus your firepower on multiple enemies clustered together for more efficient eliminations.
  7. Complete this match to acquire the Sweeper Sidearm.

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5 Comments on Twisted Metal Walkthrough


On February 19, 2012 at 9:01 am

Oh sweet! Best game of my childhood! now i’m gonna find my old friends and play with them once more. missed that 4-player death match on ps1 lol

Mad Zombie

On March 1, 2012 at 10:15 pm

The Diesel City Checkpoint Race just cost me a controller. I have been unable to beat the level for over a week! Finally I got so mad that slammed my controller on the floor and busted it into a million pieces. What stupid decision to add races to Twisted Metal! Arghh!!!

Link to busted controller!

Mad Zombie

On March 1, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Link didn’t come through so here is the URL to the busted controller:


On March 17, 2012 at 12:23 pm

@Mad Zombie: It’s not to difficult race. Just use Crimson Fury and play it a few times slowly and memorize the path. If you worry too much about how the other opponents are doing you end up screwing yourself. Just worry about each checkpoint after the next and the enemies will just eventually fall behind. And keep calm too. Getting frustrated like you did is your worst enemy. If you can’t beat it after awhile come back to it after a few hours or a day or so.


On January 6, 2014 at 3:12 pm

Thanks for telling us how to beat that map, I was also frustrated.