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During story mode, you will have the choice of 6 different vehicles equipped with their own unique arsenal of offensive and defensive weaponry. Of the six, choose a main vehicle and two additional ones that will act as backups for when your health is running low. To access your two alternate modes of transport, make your way to the wrench icon on the map and drive into the garage located there.



  1. Strengths: Speed and Special Weapons.
  2. Weakness: Armor.
  3. This vehicle is equipped with a Chain Gun that offers a high rate of fire and inflicts more damage the closer you are to the enemy drivers. It can also be fired backwards at pursuing opponents.
  4. The Zoomy Rockets are acquired after charging your special mini-gun twice. They fire amidst the spray of regular bullets and inflict a large chunk of damage to opponents.

Strategy Tips

  1. Amass two or three Zoomy Rockets into your inventory and wait until most of the competition’s health has fallen into the yellow or red zones, then steer towards them in head-on collision scenarios and unleash the powerful missile attack for a sure hit.
  2. When battling enemies that are better equipped to either outmaneuver or outrun your vehicle, try retreating from the scene to draw them into pursuing you and then inflict damage on these drivers with the reverse chain-gun.
  3. To maintain the mini-gun’s potential to cause damage, stay in close-pursuit of cars you’re attacking by continuously making an attempt to ram into their rear-ends.



  1. Strengths: Armor.
  2. Weakness: Speed and Special Weapons.
  3. This vehicle comes equipped with a Turret that is able to spin at 180 degrees for enemies behind and beside you.
  4. Grenades and Blood Missiles can also be fired during turret attacks for additional infliction of damage.

Strategy Tips

  1. This vehicle is best used as a back-up for when your primary conveyance is taking too much damage from larger enemies.
  2. The Outlaw’s increased armor capabilities allow you to also attack by colliding with enemy drivers or even running them over in some cases.
  3. Due to the vehicle’s lack of speed. save your special weapons for battles that place in the more open areas of the map or head-on collision scenarios.



  1. Strengths: None.
  2. Weaknesses: None.
  3. The Magnetic Projectiles are fired three-at-a-time and ricochet off various surfaces before finding their mark.
  4. This vehicle is also equipped with a Meg-Magnet that sucks nearby enemies against the Road Boat’s grill for a follow-up attack of your choice.

Strategy Tips

  1. This vehicle’s all-round average rating in offensive and defensive capabilities, makes it an ideal primary choice for it each battle. It will allow you to test out the resolve of both the larger and smaller enemies, so that you can strategize how to counter them with back-up transports.
  2. Save your Magnetic Projectiles for narrow alleyways or close-range attacks so that all three can hit their mark for the maximum infliction of damage.
  3. Once you have secured another vehicle to your grill with the Mega-Magnet, either ram them into a wall or launch them into another enemy or explosive obstacle.



  1. Strengths: Speed.
  2. Weakness: Armor and Special Weapons.
  3. The Flamethrower will burst from the front of your vehicle as a long jet-stream of fire, that is best utilized at close-range with continuous enemy contact.
  4. This vehicle is equipped with Shock Freeze, which is a shockwave of EMP that temporarily stalls out any enemies in close-vicinity to the blast.

Strategy Tips

  1. The best use of the special weapons is as a two-hit combo. First, use Kamikaze’s speed to pursue enemies at close-range and hit them with a blast of Shock Freeze. Once your opponent’s car has stalled, collide into it and activate the Flamethrower for a continuous burning attack.
  2. This vehicle is best utilized as a back-up for when you are having difficulty tracking and eliminating the speedier opponents on the map.


  4. Strengths: Armor and Special Weapons.
  5. This vehicle is equipped with a Laughing Ghost weapon, that fires an explosive clown’s head projectile through walls and other obstacles.
  6. You also have the option to transform your ice cream truck into a walking/flying mechanical monster dubbed “Sweet-Bot”.

Strategy Tips

  1. The ice cream truck is a perfect candidate as a primary vehicle, in that it has the speed to keep up with smaller enemies and the firepower and armor to stand up to the larger ones.
  2. Use your Laughing Ghost attack for situations in which you are pursuing faster opponents down narrow streets or between buildings and they lose you around a corner.
  3. While in the form of Sweet-Bot, aside from the Laughing Ghost, you are also equipped with the ability to fly up into the air and slam down on the enemies below.



  1. Strengths: Armor.
  2. Weakness: Speed and Special Weapons.
  3. This vehicle is equipped with a Team Health Drop in multiplayer match-ups and a Death Taxi attack in single-player campaigns. The Death Taxi allows you to drop a remotely-detonated explosive that attaches to enemy drivers that run into it.
  4. The Taxi Slam weapon, drops a vehicle behind your tow truck that smashes into pursuing enemies.

Strategy Tips

  1. The increased armor makes Junkyard Dog a preferred secondary vehicle for battling the larger enemies present on the map.
  2. Unleash your Taxi Slam or Death Taxi obstacles around sharp corners or narrow roadways around the map to increase the odds of putting them in contact with opposing vehicles.

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5 Comments on Twisted Metal Walkthrough


On February 19, 2012 at 9:01 am

Oh sweet! Best game of my childhood! now i’m gonna find my old friends and play with them once more. missed that 4-player death match on ps1 lol

Mad Zombie

On March 1, 2012 at 10:15 pm

The Diesel City Checkpoint Race just cost me a controller. I have been unable to beat the level for over a week! Finally I got so mad that slammed my controller on the floor and busted it into a million pieces. What stupid decision to add races to Twisted Metal! Arghh!!!

Link to busted controller!

Mad Zombie

On March 1, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Link didn’t come through so here is the URL to the busted controller:


On March 17, 2012 at 12:23 pm

@Mad Zombie: It’s not to difficult race. Just use Crimson Fury and play it a few times slowly and memorize the path. If you worry too much about how the other opponents are doing you end up screwing yourself. Just worry about each checkpoint after the next and the enemies will just eventually fall behind. And keep calm too. Getting frustrated like you did is your worst enemy. If you can’t beat it after awhile come back to it after a few hours or a day or so.


On January 6, 2014 at 3:12 pm

Thanks for telling us how to beat that map, I was also frustrated.