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Grindhouse – Small Area Death Match Battle

Hints and Tips

  1. When running low on health, return to the outside of the movie theater and follow the highway road that surrounds it to eventually track down a health truck.
  2. The garage is located directly across the street from the movie theater’s entrance.
  3. Stay out of the movie theater’s interior as much as possible to avoid allowing multiple enemies to concentrate their fire on you.
  4. Eliminate all enemy drivers from this map to unlock the vehicle of Vermin.

Thrills and Spills Adventure Park – Electric Cage

Hints and Tips

  1. The object of this type of match is to stay within the confines of the electrified cage that jumps from point to point across the map, while still managing to eliminate opponents in the process.
  2. Whenever you are outside of the perimeter of the cage, you’re life will gradually recede over time until you are back within it.
  3. At the start of the level you will have a red ring on the left side of your screen that represents the grace period you’re allowed outside of the cage. Try to travel between each of the fenced-in location as quickly as possible to keep this ring intact throughout the entire battle.
  4. If you should run out of grace period, try to acquire health power-ups on your way to next cage before your life is completely drained.
  5. While engaging enemies within the cage, stay more towards the area’s center to avoid straying outside the electrified perimeter for even a moment.
  6. When chasing down retreating enemy vehicles, try to drive them out towards the perimeter of the cage and ram their cars into the out of bounds area.
  7. Since you are battling in such confined areas, avoid fleeing from a fight whenever possible and instead use a series of u-turns and evasive maneuvers to always maintain a line of fire on the enemies nearest to you.
  8. Target Road Boat for elimination first, as this vehicle has the ability to launch you through the air and far outside the walls of the cage.
  9. Defeat all the enemies on this map to acquire the Absorption Shield.

Sunsprings, CA – Race to Battle

Hints and Tips

  1. The object of this match is to race along the track and pass through the 12 gates that have been marked with directional arrows, while still managing to secure a first to fourth place win.
  2. Couple your close-range weaponry, such as the flamethrower, with bursts of speed that send you crashing into an opponent’s rear end.
  3. Save your turbo boosts for straightaways and for cutting corners throughout the course to safely gain the lead.
  4. When ramping towards the gates in the hilly section of the course, keep your car pointed straight at the desired location and avoid colliding with other vehicles. This tactic also applies to gates you approach by dropping off the roofs of buildings.
  5. Save your long range weapons for the open areas of the track, such as the hilly area and the roof of the movie theater.
  6. Save your special weaponry for the final battle within the football stadium.
  7. Once you pass the finish line and drive into the arena behind it, eliminate the three remaining opponents to acquire the Super Mine.

Dead Man’s Crossing – Iron Maiden Battle

Hints and Tips

  1. The object of this battle is to launch two separate nuclear strikes against Iron Maiden in order to lower her shields, then finish her off with powerful weaponry.
  2. To activate the nuclear missile, locate the red car amongst the gang that swarms around you and destroy it to acquire the driver. Afterwards drive to the nearest launch site, by using the highway around the cliffs, and sacrifice the enemy to activate the attack.
  3. Launch sites are represented as semis with rockets loaded into their beds. Whether they are in motion or not, you will need to keep your vehicle within a specific vicinity against these trucks to activate the sacrifice.
  4. To launch the nuke, stay within the specified lit-up area near the missile truck and wait for the red progress ring to fill completely.
  5. Health pick ups can be found along the highway, on the other side of the bridge and within the tunnel cut through the mountain.
  6. The most effect weapon to use against Iron Maiden is the Mega Gun, which can be found at the end of the highway nearest to the first launch site.
  7. After you have launched one missile against Iron Maiden and captured another sacrifice, hide in the mountain tunnel until the next nuke truck drives by.
  8. When you have successfully lowered Iron Maiden’s shield, open fire on the boss with the Mega Gun while consistently driving back and forth across the highway.
  9. Drain Iron Maiden’s health to nearly 50% and she will unleash and electric cage across the area, then go on full offensive to continue attacking the boss and reach the next stage of battle.
  10. After the boss crashes into the bridge, use either the jump button or a hovering ability to evade the low flying projectiles. Stay within the electric cage until your life is drained to dangerous levels, then turn around and enter the mountain tunnel to grab a health pick-up.
  11. When Iron Maiden falls off the bridge, make your way across it and pick up the health to prepare for the final stage of this boss fight.
  12. Pick up the Mega Gun, then use it to defeat Iron Maiden’s flying head and acquire the vehicle of Dark Side.
  13. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Grimm’s Dark Trip Back (Bronze):Complete the Grimm story on any difficulty.

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5 Comments on Twisted Metal Walkthrough


On February 19, 2012 at 9:01 am

Oh sweet! Best game of my childhood! now i’m gonna find my old friends and play with them once more. missed that 4-player death match on ps1 lol

Mad Zombie

On March 1, 2012 at 10:15 pm

The Diesel City Checkpoint Race just cost me a controller. I have been unable to beat the level for over a week! Finally I got so mad that slammed my controller on the floor and busted it into a million pieces. What stupid decision to add races to Twisted Metal! Arghh!!!

Link to busted controller!

Mad Zombie

On March 1, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Link didn’t come through so here is the URL to the busted controller:


On March 17, 2012 at 12:23 pm

@Mad Zombie: It’s not to difficult race. Just use Crimson Fury and play it a few times slowly and memorize the path. If you worry too much about how the other opponents are doing you end up screwing yourself. Just worry about each checkpoint after the next and the enemies will just eventually fall behind. And keep calm too. Getting frustrated like you did is your worst enemy. If you can’t beat it after awhile come back to it after a few hours or a day or so.


On January 6, 2014 at 3:12 pm

Thanks for telling us how to beat that map, I was also frustrated.