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Metro Square – Fight for Your Life

Hints and Tips

  1. The rules of this battle are identical to that of a Deathmatch, except that all of the enemy drivers will ignore each other and only target your vehicle.
  2. Focus the majority of your attacks on the nearest driver in your current vicinity, since all enemies will be doing the same to you.
  3. The best vehicle choice for this type of match is one that is equipped with a high amount of armor, such as Sweet Tooth or Dark Side.
  4. Sweet-Bot’s hovering ability is a useful tool for escaping situations in which you are swarmed by multiple enemies at once.
  5. Another advantage to choosing a large vehicle is that it allows you to ram into enemies as a means of escape and inflicting additional damage.
  6. Clear out the enemies to win this match and unlock Juggernaut.

Diesel City – Checkpoint Race

Hints and Tips

  1. The object of this match is to race along the track and pass through the checkpoint gates that have been marked with directional arrows, while still managing to secure a first place win.
  2. Choose a vehicle equipped with speed and powerful special weapons that clear out enemies ahead of you, such as Mr. Grimm or Crimson Fury.
  3. Couple your close-range weaponry, such as the flamethrower, with bursts of speed that send you crashing into an opponent’s rear end.
  4. Save your turbo boosts for straightaways and for cutting corners throughout the course to safely gain the lead.
  5. Keep an eye on your map at all times to make sure you are always heading in the direction of the next checkpoint.
  6. The last checkpoint will be a moving one, so locate it on your map and use turbo to boost forward in that direction. Approach the truck carrying the checkpoint from behind and then ramp through it.
  7. Pass through the final checkpoint while in first place to win the match and acquire Shadow.

Sweet Tooth’s Carnival of Carnage

Hints and Tips

  1. Drive forward at the start of this level and ignore the Sweet Tooth vehicles that approach, then navigate through the enormous wheels to collect weapons and begin your attack on the clown ahead in the distance.
  2. Keep your distance while the clown’s mouth spews fire and launch several missiles into it to drain the boss’ life bar by 25% so that the head retracts.
  3. Turn around and drive to the opposite end of the enormous vehicle, then make a u-turn and veer away from the rolling bombs as you enter into pursuit of the carnival.
  4. Drive through the wheels on the right to pick up health and continue keeping pace with the moving carnival, then open fire on the clown head that has descended again.
  5. Repeat this line of assault until you completely drain the boss’ health, then drive into the clown head to pick up the health and enter the carnival.
  6. After the cannon launches you into the pinball arena, you will need to attach the clown pedestrians that carry bombs to your vehicle by running them over and launch into the evil clown’s head via the spinning ramp.
  7. If you accidentally pick up a clown carrying a chainsaw, collide with a bumper or some other object to dislodge this nuisance.
  8. Collide with the blue cross symbols to electrify a nearby bumper, then hit this obstacle as well to pick up health.
  9. If you run out of clowns to run over, collide with the target bumper across from the clown’s head to launch some more into the arena.
  10. Drive yourself into the clown’s head three times to open its mouth and exit the pinball arena. You will know when the spinning ramp is correctly aligned by the glowing green arrows that light up on it.
  11. After entering the clown’s open mouth, navigate around the winding track to reach the next area by braking or boosting through the moving saws, rolling bombs and spinning fan blades in rhythm with their continuous movements.
  12. Weave between the various jet flames in the next section of the track and pick up health along the way, then use the inclined walls to help you cross the area guarded by swinging spiked balls.
  13. Time your path through the falling axes, spinning fan blades and closing spike trap to enter a helicopter the top of a steep ramp.
  14. In order to defeat the final boss, you will first need to shoot down enemy Sweet-Bots and drop the remains into the top of the clown’s head.
  15. Once you are airborne, fly the helicopter around the surrounding walls of the canyon to acquire powerful weapons for this final battle .
  16. You can also acquire weapons by flying low to the ground and beneath the carnival’s underside.
  17. Use your tri-gun to eliminate one of the nearby flying enemies, then locate the remains via the pink indicator and use the helicopter’s magnetic hook to pick it up.
  18. Fly back towards the giant clown’s head and rise above it, then press the indicated button to release the cargo you’re carrying into the red hole at the top of the boss’s skull. You will know you are within the correct target area for dropping the vehicle by the orange light emitting from hole in the clown’s head.
  19. You will need to transport the downed vehicle quickly to the clown’s head since the other enemies in the area will try to destroy it during the trip.
  20. Repeat the previous attack three more times, then open fire on the clown head to defeat the boss.

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5 Comments on Twisted Metal Walkthrough


On February 19, 2012 at 9:01 am

Oh sweet! Best game of my childhood! now i’m gonna find my old friends and play with them once more. missed that 4-player death match on ps1 lol

Mad Zombie

On March 1, 2012 at 10:15 pm

The Diesel City Checkpoint Race just cost me a controller. I have been unable to beat the level for over a week! Finally I got so mad that slammed my controller on the floor and busted it into a million pieces. What stupid decision to add races to Twisted Metal! Arghh!!!

Link to busted controller!

Mad Zombie

On March 1, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Link didn’t come through so here is the URL to the busted controller:


On March 17, 2012 at 12:23 pm

@Mad Zombie: It’s not to difficult race. Just use Crimson Fury and play it a few times slowly and memorize the path. If you worry too much about how the other opponents are doing you end up screwing yourself. Just worry about each checkpoint after the next and the enemies will just eventually fall behind. And keep calm too. Getting frustrated like you did is your worst enemy. If you can’t beat it after awhile come back to it after a few hours or a day or so.


On January 6, 2014 at 3:12 pm

Thanks for telling us how to beat that map, I was also frustrated.