Posted on January 22, 2008,

Unreal Tournament 3 Has a Respectable December on PS3


Last month, we found out that Unreal Tournament 3 (on PC, along with Crysis) was selling quite poorly in the early going. And by poorly, I mean it barely made it over the 30,000 units sold mark – whether that’s due to a bloated market, piracy or something else altogether, we can’t know for sure. Mark Rein takes offense to the claim that UT3 isn’t doing well, stating:

It is amazing how people can look at two weeks of sales (in our case) in one single territory in the busiest Xmas sales season the industry has ever seen and come to the conclusion these titles are doing “badly”. I don’t think either title is doing so badly … This isn’t the fastest selling UT title ever but it’s doing pretty well and we’re going to support it with some pretty cool things to help it keep selling over time.

I don’t think anyone could make a similar claim about UT3 on PlayStation 3, which – despite being released on December 11 with very little notice – sold 113,000 copies, which is just under the mark hit by Uncharted in November (117,000) and quite a lot more than Ratchet sold in October (74,500).

It’ll be interesting to see how Epic proceeds from here in regards to how they treat the PS3 version versus the PC version. If sales are clearly better on PS3, who’s to say that Epic wouldn’t suddenly pay more attention to the console versions?

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5 Comments on Unreal Tournament 3 Has a Respectable December on PS3


On January 22, 2008 at 11:59 pm

Those who are unfamiliar with the PC gaming world should refrain from commenting on it. UT3 on the PS3 did not automatically do better than on the PC. UT3 had 35,000-some sales – in the first week and a half of its release. Pretty bad, for sure, but the PS3 version had two or three times the amount of time.

Also forgetting about the fact that digital distribution and online sales – two very big factors in PC gaming – are not included in NPD’s numbers is a big no-no.

And finally, the PC had immense competition in the online shooter space – Quake Wars, Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty 4, and more – while on the PS3 the only such relevant competition was CoD 4. Once those games start to fade on the PC, UT3 will pick up.


On January 23, 2008 at 12:17 pm

Why wouldn’t UT3 fade right along with those other shooters? Games like TF2 have extremely long legs, so it’s not like their bubble is ready to burst and pave the way for UT3 to be successful.


On January 23, 2008 at 12:20 pm

Because no one’s playing it now! The simple fact that people are so wrapped up in those other shooters makes it obvious that even fans of the Unreal Tournament series might not be playing it right now. Right when those shooter fans get sick of CoD 4 and such, they’ll probably want to pick up another online shooter. And more importantly, by then, maybe the interface will be patched to not suck anymore, and user created content will be out in force.


On January 23, 2008 at 12:39 pm

I think it’s funny that everyone is so surprised that PC sales are low. The PC games market is dying. All the geeks out there that blow thousands on their gaming rigs and hang out on sites like this are part of a TINY minority in the market place. The fact that the PS3 can outsell the same PC title is obvious to anyone who looks at game sales data.

- ook


On January 23, 2008 at 12:43 pm

And that’s where you’re wrong. First of all, PC gamers are smart enough to know that it doesn’t take thousands to build a gaming machine – it’s quite easy to build an ENTIRE machine for under $900 that’ll handle Crysis on High, as well as every single game out there.

And the fact that you use PS3 as an example is just laughable. Crysis’ sales were reported at 88k. Ratchet’s sales were reported at 70k. But Ratchet doesn’t have digital distribution to fall back on. I guess the PS3 is dying too?

People have been stating the same bull for years. They use the same excuses at the same point of every console generation. PC gaming has been “dying” for decades now. Get over it, and stop talking about you don’t know anything about.