Video from SDCC Mass Effect Panel Shows Mako in Action

We told you that the Mako was making a comeback in the next Mass Effect, and now our friends over at The Escapist have video to prove it.

In addition to seeing the Mako in action, you’ll also get a look at some concept art for the game, although it’s all still very much subject to change.

Enjoy the video, and check out all our SDCC coverage over on our Comic-Con channel.

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2 Comments on Video from SDCC Mass Effect Panel Shows Mako in Action


On July 28, 2014 at 1:25 pm

IT occurred to me for the first time watching this that the Mass Effect series has pretty much been killed when you listen to the part about the time setting. If you follow the canon correctly then no game can be set after the events of ME3 unless it is restricted to a single cluster of stars, the ending of ME3 has rendered all real interstellar travel impossible. Since the original builders of the network were a millennia civilization then it kinda rules out any of the current races rebuilding it. This only leaves a space magic solution which nobody wants.

This leaves as the video mentions a possibility of setting it during the ME trilogy timeline. However this would be pointless as you would simply be a separate cog in the grand galactic struggle. But it then becomes nothing more than a glorified expansion telling the story of someone who isn’t as important as Sheperd.

The final option being a pre-ME setting but there is little history to do other than perhaps set it within one of humanities first space wars. Again pointless as you know the struggle means nothing and how it turns out.

Kenny Log-ins

On July 29, 2014 at 2:49 am

feygan hit the nail on the head. It takes a special kind of incompetence to intentionally ruin a saga’s entire reason and foundation for existing in order to allow for more sequels and prequels, while simultaneously making it canonically impossible to continue the story due to having no knowledge of your own series’ lore and not planning ahead to account for the ramifications of the meaningless choices you give the player. Notice they don’t say anything about the storyline to this one, the very thing that drew fans to the original trilogy, and are instead focusing on fluffy superficial nonsense in the hope of drawing its hypothetical casual fanbase who don’t care about plot or character and instead what a bunch of large words and obvious cues thrown at them to remind them of how important it all is while not establishing WHY it’s important.

I’d rather play a Final Fantasy XIII sequel than another BioWare game at this point.