Warcraft Movie Lore Primer

The Half-Orcen Perspective

Enter Garona Halforcen. Since Blizzard specified there will be multiple leading ladies in this movie, it is assured that Garona’s role will be a big one. Bred and artificially aged by Gul’dan, Garona is the child of an orc father and draenei mother — though she was led to believe her mother was human. Serving as Gul’dan’s personal spy, she travels to the human world and meets with Medivh on multiple occasions, eventually becoming his emissary and meeting his apprentice, Khadgar.

During her time with the humans, Garona comes to question her loyalties, feeling a greater kinship with the humans than with the orcs that had treated her as an outcast throughout her life. She and Khadgar eventually piece together that Medivh was responsible for opening the portal between the two worlds. The two take this information to Lothar, and together, they lead an assault on the mad wizard’s tower, flying in on the backs of gryphons.

We can expect an impressive battle scene to play out in the movie, culminating in Khadgar running Lothar’s blade through Medivh’s heart, awakening the demon within him, and Lothar subsequently decapitating the wizard out of mercy. Given the childhood friendship between Lothar and Medivh, this will put Lothar’s acting chops to work in an emotionally charged moment.

Thereafter, Garona becomes King Llane’s trusted confidant and reveals information that would help the human war efforts. However, she is still under the influence of Gul’dan’s magic. One day, with tears streaming down her cheeks, she assassinates King Llane, cutting out his heart.

It All Comes Together

When Medivh was slain, Gul’dan was sent into a coma because of the psychic link they shared. With the puppet master incapacitated, Orgrim Doomhammer seizes the opportunity to slay Blackhand and become the new Warchief of the Horde.

Durotan reaches out to his old friend and breaks his silence about Gul’dan’s treachery. Orgrim vows that Gul’dan will pay for his crimes, then sends Durotan and Draka into the orc equivalent of a witness protection program. Unfortunately, Gul’dan’s spies are among Orgrim’s men. Durotan and Draka are assassinated. We can expect a valiant and moving fight scene in this final leg of the movie, with Durotan killing at least one assassin before succumbing to grievous wounds. But, there is yet hope — his baby, Thrall, lives on.

Orgrim goes on to capture Garona and tortures her into revealing the locations of Gul’dan’s allies, then sets out to slay them and as many warlocks as he can find. This is as upbeat an ending as we can expect from the orcish side of the story — the hope that with the warlocks gone, the orcs can be freed from demonic influence. The human side… Not so much.

The king is dead. The Horde is rampaging throughout the lands. The human capital is sacked. Lothar knows that the kingdom is lost; he gathers what’s left of his people and takes them across an ocean as refugees to a rival human kingdom. With the first war over, we are set up nicely for a sequel — can Lothar avenge the fallen and rally the Kingdoms of Man against the orcish onslaught? Will Orgrim free his people of demonic influence and exact vengeance upon Gul’dan when the warlock awakens from his coma?

We can expect the Warcraft movie to be a character story. This won’t be a simple retelling of events portrayed in a game — there would be little point to that. We will follow Lothar’s rise to glory, then watch him lose everything — his armies, his dearest friends, his homeland. We’ll witness Durotan’s internal conflict come to a boil and ultimately lead to his demise. We’ll see Garona’s struggle with mixed loyalties. If Blizzard’s cinematics department is anything to go by, we’re in for quite a show.

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3 Comments on Warcraft Movie Lore Primer


On November 23, 2013 at 5:17 pm

My prediction? 90 minutes of slow-mo decapitations, acrobatics and drawn out yells mixed with characters tromping aimlessly through impressive CGI backdrops encountering various CGI bosses who have two lines of dialog and/or die in about eight seconds. The climax will have the orcs throwing down their arms when Lothar promises them all citizenship and free health care. Then he’ll jam a demonic gem into his forehead for no particular reason.


On November 27, 2013 at 4:48 pm

Watch Lothar be a boy-band guy like Heyden Christensen was for Anakin Skywalker.

The man who would go to become the greatest bad@ss in the history of cinema was a whiny child. Almost made turning to the dark side make sense. at least then he would shut up.


On December 2, 2013 at 3:50 pm

Wow. This is a fantastic layout for the Warcraft movie. And while I know for a fact it will never be this good, I hope Blizzard doesn’t completely screw it up and make it another failed video game movie. Here’s hoping Blizz or Duncan see this and know what the best plan of action is!