Watch Dogs: How to Escape Level 5 Police Chases

Lose the cops and earn the “Free Radical” achievement with ease in Watch Dogs with our simple methods for escape. We’re not even including the all-powerful Blackout ability that turns out the lights for an entire city block. In Watch Dogs, there are more ways to hide, and we’ve listed three escape options below.

Got your own sure-fire methods for ditching wanted levels? Let us know in the comments.

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How to Escape Level 5 Police Chases

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Method #1: Train Escape

  • One of the easiest methods for escape involves the raised L-Line trains throughout the city. After raising your wanted level to 5, hop into a train and ride it to safety.

Method #2: ctOS Building Underground Garage

  • Travel to the ctOS multi-floored pavilion in The Loop. Bring a car to escape through the front door when you have full stars. You’ll also need to be able to activate vehicle blockers and garage doors.
  • Start on the upper floor and start causing havoc. Go on a rampage with your weapons to draw in the police. Continue to fight with the police on the upper floors until your wanted level increases to 5.
  • Once you do, hop in the car and travel to the road directly west of the building. There’s a small underground parking lot north of the train station with blockers and a garage shutter.
  • Drive to the underground lot, activate the blockers to stop any pursuing cars, then hack the garage shutter. Raise it, drive in, then lower it and park.
  • Once you’re behind the garage door, run to the locked door on foot, unlock it by hacking the switch console, then wait in the hallway until you’re clear.

Method #3: Parking Lot Hiding Spot

  • Any of the tall parking lots work. After hitting wanted level 5, drive to a high floor of the lot. The third or fourth floor will do.
  • Don’t go to the open-air top floor or you’ll be spotted by helicopters. Stay below a roof and select to hide in your car once the police have lost sight.
  • Sit and hide until they give up the chase.

Achievement / Trophy unlocked

  • Free Radical (30 points / Silver):
    Escape a Level 5 Police Chase

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3 Comments on Watch Dogs: How to Escape Level 5 Police Chases

Aidan Pierce

On June 1, 2014 at 10:42 pm

I just drove around in an Ambulance wrecking cop cars until I hit level 5 and then switched to a smaller car, hit blackout and high tailed it into a nearby motorway tunnel and voila, escaped. It’s easiest to do in the section of the City where the train tracks are above your head so that the Heli can’t really track where you are and then once Blackout starts they’re all blind. Poof, off you escape.


On June 2, 2014 at 2:35 am

I just setup in one of the gun shops. I blocked the rear door with a car and drove a motorcycle into the store and went on a rampage. Eventually you get a pileup of cops outside the backdoor with no way in. Then juat clear out all the cops out front and drive out and trigger a few lights and bridges on the way out and you are good to go since there really isnt anyone left to chase you for a few.


On June 20, 2014 at 10:11 am

One way that can work (providing the river edge is high enough to keep you hidden) is to jump into the river and stay right next to the edge, swimming right alongside it until you’re out of range or until you can get into a boat. The cops are incapable of checking the river’s edge themselves; just be sure that other cops don’t spot you from an opposite shoreline or a pier; and as always, there’s a risk that the chopper might see you, but if you’re in a pinch, it’s always worth a try.

I did this once with my vehicle parked near the edge of the river (about 30 ft. or so) and the cops surrounded my truck (with no-one inside) firing at it non-stop until it blew up. Hilarious how big some of the holes in the AI are.

Also, there’s a small island-like building and pier on the east side of the map (with lots of small piers jutting out of it) that with a rotating bridge going to it that the cops are unable to reach. Just rotate the bridge after you’ve crossed it, and they won’t try and get to you. They’ll send a chopper and try to snipe at you from the sides, but you’re home free to snipe back at them and rack up your XP. After you’re clear, there should be about 13 police cars piled up opposite the island, and you’re free to pick up cash, ammo, weapons, and loot their vehicles.