Watch The Mass Effect 3 ‘Earth’ DLC Trailer

Mass Effect 3′s ‘Earth’ DLC is out now, and if you’re like me you won’t be playing it. However, if you’re not like me and you totally see the point in sacrificing a great deal of the series’ core appeal to make room for a superfluous multiplayer, then you might want to check out the launch trailer.

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3 Comments on Watch The Mass Effect 3 ‘Earth’ DLC Trailer


On July 18, 2012 at 1:31 pm

It’s funny how proud they are for releasing some free multiplayer maps.


On July 19, 2012 at 1:04 pm

I am torn between two options. Either to think that : “Hell, what’s the point. We all know how it ends anyway (and it ain’t good enough to fight for it) !”, and not play the DLC at all.

Or to listen to that thin trace of hope that if Bioware is keeping on doing DLCs set to happen right before the story ends, that’s maybe, maybe, because some people in Bioware are also not satisfied with the ending, and are working on a better ending, to pick up the story where it failed and rewrite it.
Because I’d forgive and forget instantly all they’ve done wrong (i.e. only that crap ending that makes me want to throw up), if they come up with a DLC, or even better, a sequel, that rewrites history, starts somewhere right before Shepard beams up to the citadel, and leads us, eventually , after 40 some hours of pure gaming and storytelling awesomeness, to an ending that makes me want to go through the game again, and again, and some more, and then again, and again…

And since Shepard taught me never to give up hope…


On July 20, 2012 at 7:24 am

@Gamefront Staff: Although this has been said many times before, I would like to thank you for your honest and respectful treatment of the entire ME3 ending controversy. Like many others, I found my way to your wonderful site by (angrily) searching for an explanation to the complete mess that are the original endings. While reading your piece about why the fans are right, I found myself saying THIS, THIS, SO MUCH THIS! more than once. Your articles prove that competent gaming journalism is indeed still possible, a fact that I have not been able to shut up to my friends about.
In short, thank you for your outstanding work so far, and please continue to renew my faith in good (gaming) journalism!

P.s. I also think it’s great that you actually react to your readers in the comments , something I have yet to witness on other sites!

As for the free DLC: I think the best way to describe my feeling towards it is: “Oh, how great it could have been…”. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that the multiplayer, if judged by itself, is certainly well done and, from what I’ve heard, a lot of fun to play (I have not played it myself). But the huge disappointment that was the ending(s) has left me feeling so empty and demotivated, that I just can’t bring myself to even start up the game again (the Ending DLC has done litlle to change that). The worst thing the ending achieved was to utterly destroy my immersion in this wonderful universe, by -as Ross Lincoln has correctly stated- robbing me of choice and the consequences of choice. I would have been all over the multiplayer if it gave me the feeling that holding this point a little longer, or attacking this base a little faster, would (however insignificantly) influence the overall outcome of the game. Being as it is, I now have no emotional response to (free) DLC for a game I was once crazy about.