We Suck at Heists: Hands On with Payday 2

Of course, for all our planning and even our decent ability to specialize our jobs, things didn’t go so well at first. Cops on the roof put tear gas in the ventilation system (who knew they could do that?!), rendering us unable to move through several rooms. Bomb squad gear-wearing assault troops keep fast-roping in from choppers and coming down the roof access stairs, where I take up a defensive position and blast as many as I could. Eventually, two of our men get grabbed and those left drop back into the bank vault, defending it, and the gold we were sent to grab, as we wait for the cops to release our teammates back to us — a short two-or-so-minute wait that felt like an eternity.

But miraculously, when we get back to full strength, we manag to fight our way out between police assaults. Ditching the gold into the truck and having everyone safe, we look around at the empty street, and the last bag of gold that had been dropped in an ally on the far side of the bank when one of us was taken into custody. Can we get that bag?

Screw it, we decide, and go for it. Three of us dash to the ally and one grabs the bag. I spin back to cover him.

Suddenly, I’m facing down a full SWAT team.

“This is what happens when you’re greedy,” Goldfarb jokes as we duck behind newspaper stands and whatever cover we can find on the street. The hail of bullets is enough to drop me, but Ross and our other teammate came back for me and lay down some covering fire as I’m revived. Somehow, incredibly, shooting and running and with a flood of adrenaline, we make it back to the truck, toss the gold in the back, and drove off.

Goldfarb has referred to Overkill’s goal with Payday 2 to make “the Dark Souls of heist games.” From the games that Ross and I played, that’s actually a pretty accurate description. And like Dark Souls, your ultimate successes are as exciting, intense and meaningful, as your many failures. Just make sure you don’t have two dead-weight teammates with you when you start a job. Then again, it might be even more fun if you do.

Ross Lincoln contributed to this report (more than just his failures in-game). Read more of Ross’s work herehere, and follow him, Ross and Game Front on Twitter: @philhornshaw, @rossalincoln and @gamefrontcom.

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2 Comments on We Suck at Heists: Hands On with Payday 2


On July 15, 2013 at 8:10 pm

This is probably turning into my biggest surprise this year, did not have this on my radar AT ALL until all the positive press from E3!


On July 16, 2013 at 12:08 pm

I got to test some builds of the alpha version and it is totally awesome.