Wolfenstein: The New Order – Health Upgrades Locations Guide

Stay alive with some handy health upgrades scattered all throughout the campaign for Wolfenstein: The New Order. It’s no secret Machine Games’ FPS is tough-as-nails, so it can’t hurt to gain extra health before facing off against Deathshead’s monstrous machines. Get all ten locations in our text guide right here.

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Health Upgrades Locations Guide

  • Health upgrades increase maximum Health by +10 for each collected item, maxing out at 200 Health.
  • These upgrades are only found in the Fergus Timeline, which can be accessed by saving him in Chapter 1.

Health Upgrade #1:

  • Chapter: 2
  • Location: Look for a reception desk on the second floor of asylum, found before going downstairs. The small office contains a locked safe. Hotwire it to find a health upgrade inside.

Health Upgrade #2:

  • Chapter: 3
  • Location: At Anya’s house, BJ will need to “interrogate” a Nazi Commander. Before using the chainsaw, you’ll open a cupboard to get a smock. After taking it, look inside the cupboard. There’s a chest inside with the health upgrade.

Health Upgrade #3:

  • Chapter: 3
  • Location: Following the combat at the front of the checkpoint station, you’ll have to enter an elevator lobby to open the gates. After using an elevator to ride up to a catwalk surrounded by canvas covers, look for a large spool of wire. There’s a health upgrade behind it.

Health Upgrade #4:

  • Chapter: 5
  • Location: In the Kreisau safehouse, go upstairs to the empty room. It’s located near Max’s bedroom. There’s a bed inside. Interact with it, and BJ will find a health upgrade on the nightstand.

Health Upgrade #5:

  • Chapter: 6
  • Location: At the wrecked lobby of the London Nautica, go inside the guard station directly left of the entrance way. There’s an electronic safe inside. Hotwire it to get the upgrade.

Health Upgrade #6:

  • Chapter: 7
  • Location: Remember the bed from Chapter 5? Go upstairs and sleep to earn another easy upgrade.

Health Upgrade #7:

  • Chapter: 9
  • Location: Time for another nap. Sleep in the empty bed to get a third upgrade.

Health Upgrade #8:

  • Chapter: 10
  • Location: After raising the water level, enter the room below and swim down to hotwire the submerged safe to collect another health upgrade.

Health Upgrade #9:

  • Chapter: 12
  • Location: Jumping off the helicopter later in the mission, there’s an office to the right of the road. Go inside and crack the electronic safe to get one more health upgrade.

Health Upgrade #10:

  • Chapter: 13
  • Location: The last health upgrade is in the Moon base war room. Before leaving, climb up the steps to the locked door and turn left to see a wall safe.

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2 Comments on Wolfenstein: The New Order – Health Upgrades Locations Guide


On May 25, 2014 at 3:57 pm

You forgot to mention that the Guide only works for the “Fergus-Timeline” the Location for the Wyatt Timeline are totally different and there you need to pick Locks instead of Hardwire Locks and also go to the Workbench instead of Sleeping. ;)

Also the last Location only works for 360, one the One the Location of the last Upgrade is different, only if someone gets confused why its not there and the Videoguides show it there.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On May 25, 2014 at 8:37 pm


Thanks for the comment! Let me clear a few things up.

Please read the guide carefully, it states that Health Upgrades can only be collected in the Fergus Timeline. I found all of these locations on the PS4 version of the game. There’s no need for lockpicks, because those can only unlock Armor Upgrades in the Wyatt Timeline.