Wolfenstein: The New Order – Return to Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg

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Relive the modern FPS genre’s infancy with this awesome Wolfenstein: The New Order Easter egg, taking you back to 1992′s Wolfenstein 3D.

All the flat sprites and simple graphics return with a little twist. But, you’ll only make it if you can manage to find the extra level at all. Here’s a hint before we completely spoil it; relive your nightmares. Check out the guide below to get on the right track, and give an old school classic another go.

For the uninitiated, Wolfenstein 3D is the grandfather of the first-person shooter genre. It wasn’t the first, but it was the yardstick that all future contenders to the shooter throne were measured against.

This isn’t even the first retro Wolfenstein return in a modern game. Just check out our Rage: Wolfenstein 3D Secret Room Easter Egg if you don’t believe us.

We’re hoping for even more amazing Easter eggs, so be sure to follow our Wolfenstein: The New Order cheats list to find the latest unlockables, collectibles, and secrets for Bethesda’s monster shooter. Or join GameFront for some Nazi-blasting action on the huge Wolfenstein: The New Order video game guide.

Return to Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg

  • A level from the original FPS classic Wolfenstein 3D can be accessed in the campaign. You’ll just need to find the right bed.

How to Enter the Secret Wolfenstein 3D Level:

  • Starting at Chapter 4, after meeting Anya in the ratty secret base, go upstairs and look for a room with an old mattress on the floor near the window. It’s all the way up on the third floor, through a small workshop with an infinite supply of throwing knives.
  • Interact with the bed, and you’ll have to relive your “nightmare” — BJ teleports to his original adventure in Wolfenstein 3D, complete with 2D enemy sprites and flat corridors.

What Else is New in Wolfenstein 3D:

  • BJ brings modern HD weapons into the old-school adventure. Bullet impact effects carry over too, including some slightly improved AI for the enemies. Now they’ll even strafe! … sort of.

Found any other awesome Easter eggs in Wolfenstein: The New Order? Let us know in the comments!

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1 Comment on Wolfenstein: The New Order – Return to Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg


On May 23, 2014 at 1:54 am

If you look at the wall above the bed you’ll also notice there’s a picture of the old game’s cover on the wall above it I noticed that when finding the Easter egg as well.

Other then that to clarify there are (some) secrets in the old school version still…