World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Mounts Guide

Riding Cranes

The Asian influence continues with these gorgeous riding crane mounts. They come in three colors, Azure (blue), Golden (white), and Regal (black). They can be purchased for 500-2,500 gold from the Golden Lotus vendors once you have hit Exalted with that faction. Won’t be too hard since you will be working to get Revered with them to unlock Shado-Pan and August Celestial dailies and with the consumable commendation that doubles your faction gains you’ll be able to hit max faction gain quicker than ever.

There are also art files in the game for pink, brown, and green riding cranes, but no way yet known to obtain them in game.

Dragon Turtles

Every race in Azeroth has their own mount and for the Pandarens it’s the Dragon Turtles. Like all other racial mounts, there are slow ones that can be purchased at level 20, and faster ones, the Great Dragon Turtles, available at level 40. They come in black, blue, brown, green, purple, and red.

If you aren’t a Panda and want one of these, you need to hit Exalted with the Tushui Pandaren faction for Alliance or Huojin Pandaren faction for Horde. You can do that buy purchasing a tabard from the turtle mount vendors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Wearing that while running any instance except for those in the Burning Crusade expansion (those have their own faction gains) will gain you the faction you need to hit Exalted and ride your turtle with pride.

Shado-Pan Riding Tiger

This ferocious mount is purchasable when you hit Exalted with the Shado-Pan. Based in Townlong Steppes, this faction can only be unlocked when you hit Revered with Golden Lotus. But, boy, is it worth it. Not only can you get the tiger, you buy raid level equipment with Valor points and a new quest line opens up that rewards you with the Onyx Cloud Serpent. Not a bad deal. These mounts come in blue, green, and red.

Riding Goats

Yes, yes, they seem like a step down in the area of flashy rides, but allow us to explain. These are purchasable when you hit Exalted with The Tillers and to do that, you have to do ALOT of farming in the game. Not farming trash mobs for gold or noobs for PvP points, actual farming on the Sunsong Ranch. So if you enjoy the Farmville aspect of MoP, you are probably also going to be eyeing this sturdy goat mount when you max your reputation with the farming faction. It could have been a cow, right?

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