World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Mounts Guide

Amber Scorpion

Who’s the Scorpion King now? This Amber Scorpion requires Exalted faction with the insect-like Klaxxi. It’s a recolored version of the black scorpion mount you can buy when your guild hits level 25.


There are number of quests in MoP that have you interact with yaks, and now you can own one of your very own. Fortunately, these have no restrictions to their purchase if you have the gold. The Blonde and Grey Riding Yaks will only run you 3,000 gold by Uncle Bigpocket, Used Yak Salesgrummle in Kun-Lai Summit. Pro tip: ride your new, shaggy mount through the Yak wash in southeastern part of Kun-Lai for a white, sparkly temporary transformation.

Grand Expedition Yaks may not look like the blingiest of mounts, but they are the most versatile. Similar to Wrath’s Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, this mount will run you a hefty amount of gold (120,000!), but it comes with two vendors. One will buy your trash loot and sell you repairs, reagents and level 90 Pandaria food. The other is a mystic reforger for your on-the-go reforging needs. But, truly, its real value lies in showing off how much money you can drop on a vanity mount, am I right?

Pandaren Phoenix

The new dungeons that came with Pandaria also come with Challenge modes. These are timed runs that reward Valor Points, gold, and exp. There are three tiers of timed runs: gold, silver, and bronze. If you can complete the Silver-timed Challenge runs on all 6 MoP dungeons, you will complete an achievement that will reward you an Ancestral Phoenix Egg. You can then trade that egg in to the Phoenix Egg Trader in Mogu’Shan Palace for one of four colored Pandaran Phoenixes: Ashen, Crimson, Emerald, and Violet.

Flying Cloud

The Disc of the Red Flying Cloud is exactly what it sounds like. And obtaining it is unlike anything else in the game. To get this flying mount, you’ll have to attain Exalted reputation with The Lorewalker faction. And to do that, you don’t kill, escort, or annihilate. You fly around Pandaria visiting monuments, discovering scrolls of ancient wisdom, and listening to stories of old.

The faction is tied to the Archaeology professions which is more about digging up old relics than killing. In fact, the other rewards for getting Exalted will be a big boost to your Indiana Jones fixation in the game.

Son of Galleon

This Mushan mount drops from a rare world boss, Galleon, that sometimes appears in the south east corner of The Valley of the Four Winds. Similar to Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent you must organize a raid on the spot, take him down, hope the mount drops, then really hope you win the /random for it. And, if all else fails, use one of your Elder Charms of Good Fortune, to reroll for it.

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