World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Guide: Mounts, Valor Gear & Buying The Farm

What are the ilvls for the new 5.2 raid gear?

  • Raid Finder Rewards: ilvl 502
  • Normal mode raid rewards: ilvl 522
  • Normal mode raids Thunderforged rewards: ilvl 528
  • Heroic mode raid rewards: ilvl 535
  • Heroic mode Thunderforged rewards: ilvl 541

You will need 480 iLvl gear to use Throne of Thunder looking for raid tool.

How do I earn Thunderforged weapons?

These are rare drops in normal 10-man 5.2 raids and more common in 25-man raids. These are designed to encourage 25-man raiding without making 25-man raiding feel mandatory to progress. T15 raid gear will not come in Thunderforged versions.

What non-raiding 5.2 Valor gear is available?

Gaining rep with your Isle faction (A:Kirin-Tor Offensive/H:Sunreaver Onslaught) will allow you to purchase the following gear from them with Valor:

  • Revered: ilvl 496 ring (you can only equip one)
  • Exalted: ilvl 496 cloak

At Honored, you can also buy a ilvl 476 belt for 300 gold. All other 5.2 Valor gear requires faction with the new Shado-Pan Assault which can only be gained through killing 5.2 raid bosses.

How do I get the 5.2 triceratops dinosaur mount?

By hitting Exalted with your Isle faction. Alliance hitting Exalted with Kirin-Tor Offensive can purchase the Reins of the Golden Primal Direhorn and Horde get the Reins of the Crimson Primal Direhorn from their Sunreaver Onslaught vendor. The mount will cost 3,000 gold before faction/guild modifiers.

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2 Comments on World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Guide: Mounts, Valor Gear & Buying The Farm


On March 5, 2013 at 7:55 pm

The cook stove pet was removed from patch 5.2. There was no explanation given but I believe its in the patch notes.

Dan O'Halloran

On March 5, 2013 at 8:48 pm

That’s too bad. I was hoping for a little cooking pot companion. Post updated!