Game Front’s Quick Guide to WoW Patch 5.4

Flexible raids

The most exciting aspect of 5.4′s raiding is not so much the new bosses as the new feature that allows groups of varying sizes take them down. Until now, you would need a well-equipped group of 10 or 25 players to take down a boss. This resulted in a lot of stress, bad will from being left out and drama that makes the game Not Fun ™. Blizzard aims to fix this with the introduction of flexible raids.

The new raid content can now be tackled by a group of any size from 10-25 players. Got 12 players? 22? No problem! The raid will scale in difficulty based on the number of players. Not only that, but you can start a raid with as little as 7 players while clearing out the trash mobs, but you will need at least 10 when you reach the first boss. And because this system works with accounts and cross-realm availability, US and EU players who are friends can raid together.

But wait, it gets better. There is no armor level minimum to get into these raids either. So casual family guilds can enjoy endgame content without laborious farming of gear. On top of that, if you have 12 people one week and 23 the next, the raid will also scale accordingly. The only downside is that there is not in-game function to find people to go on your raid. You have to find and invite others manually.

Flexible Raids reward equipment between Raid Finder and Normal Difficulty rewards. Also, the personalized loot system is in effect so what others win as loot doesn’t affect your reward. You can even use your Lesser Charms of Good Fortune to get a bonus roll for that sweet raid gear. This is simply the best thing to happen to game in quite awhile, allowing casual players to see all the content the game has to offer.

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