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Part I

  1. ACHIEVEMENT: After you select your character (this walkthrough will be based around Aimi Yoshida), you will have to select your first power (in this case, I went with “Energy Protection”) in the middle of the cutscene. After you do so, you will earn the “Destiny Begins” Achievement.
  2. Follow the path around through the wreckage till you reach the gangsters in the red coats. Follow the onscreen instructions by testing out your powers to take them out. Follow the path around to the right (under the overhang) and take out the rest of the enemies.
  3. ACHIEVEMENT: Destroy the propaganda poster on the wall to earn the “Garbage Collection” Achievement. Jump through the whole in the wall to the right.
  4. After you meet Quicksilver, follow him around the other side of the building. Kill the attacking group of enemies, then turn right toward the large orange “X.” Cross the street and kill all 18 enemies (Iceman will help you in this battle).
  5. Meet up with Iceman after all enemies have been defeated to get a little background on the story. Following your conversation, turn right toward the palm tress and kill the next group of enemies. Head for the next “X” where you will meet up with Cyclops.
  6. Run up the makeshift ramp toward the next “X” to meet Toad. Use the onscreen instructions by following Toad up the beams and over to the next “X.” Kill the next group of Purifiers.
  7. Head up the steps to the left and destroy the box with green tubes for some extra health. Head to the center of the area (where the icon of a fist is located) and ground pound the street (X to jump, then X again).
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: Pick up the X-Gene to earn the “Splicer” Achievement as you head down the sewer. Kill the lone enemy after the first turn, then go left and up the ladder in the next room.
  9. ACHIEVEMENT: In this challenge arena, simply kill all the Purifiers here in under 90 seconds to earn the “Side-Tracked” Achievement. Back in the sewer, go for the next “X” to meet Emma Frost.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: Follow her down to the next area and help her kill the 19 Purifiers to earn the “Diamond in the Rough” Achievement. Following the cutscene, get the health on the wall to the left and head through the open gate toward the “X.”
  11. Turn right and kill the two Purifiers coming around the corner. Jump toward the beam on the wall, then make your way across to the left and up to the next area. Following the cutscene, turn right, get the health if you need it and head across the suspect-looking bridge.
  12. Kill the group of Purifiers here to save the girl and meet Caliban. Following the cutscene, jump off of the roof and head for the “X” to go talk with Pyro. Proceed forward where Mystique and Nightcrawler will be talking.
  13. ACHIEVEMENT: Since good guys are better, choose to help Nightcrawler to score bonus points with the X-Men. Help Nightcrawler kill three different groups of Purifiers to earn the “Teleport This” Achievement.
  14. Head for the next “X” to meet Forge. Kill the 20 attacking Purifiers, then grab the health in the left corner before climbing up the highlighted building to the right. Kill the two enemies, then drop down to the next area.
  15. Kill the Purifiers in the surrounding area. With the area cleared, fire a few blasts at the highlighted satellite tower to take it down. Following the cutscene with Magneto, grab the collectable on the sofa behind you, get the health then drop off the ledge to the right of the fallen satellite tower.
  16. Kill the group of purists to the right, then follow the freed civilians around the fallen structure. Help Cyclops and Quicksilver kill the next large group of Purifiers, then following your conversation with both of them, choose to go with Cyclops and head for the “X.”
  17. ACHIEVEMENT: Help the X-Men defeat this really large group of Purifiers to earn the “Stay Frosty” Achievement. When the commander Purifier shows up, look around for the “X” and head for it. Turn left up the stairs and head all the way around.
  18. Grab the health if you need it, then climb up the beams to get to the roof. Select Edge Storm and follow the onscreen instructions to use it against Cameron. Watch out for the trio of rockets that he will fire. Also, when he flies up into the air, dodge out of the way as soon as the four targets come together to avoid getting smashed.
  19. Use your new power and other attacks to break his red forcefield, then once it’s down, hit him with as many attacks as possible before he regenerates his forcefield.
  20. ACHIEVEMENT: After you break through his second forcefield, as long as you are quick enough, you should have enough time to get enough attacks in to finish him off and earn the “Things Look So Bad Everywhere” Achievement.

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5 Comments on X-Men: Destiny Walkthrough


On October 4, 2011 at 8:35 am

This walk through sucks


On October 23, 2011 at 11:28 pm

Not sure if you realize it, but this walkthrough is missing numerous parts, expecially the huge chunk involving rexcuing Surge and defeating Sublime. Just thought you should know.

Ben Millikan

On October 24, 2011 at 1:22 pm

Re: Niki

Depending on which character you select at the beginning of the game (as well as which faction you side with throughout the course of the game) varies the outcome of which characters you come into contact with.


On November 26, 2011 at 12:31 pm

This walkthrough is not complete. There is the missions with the U-mans lab, thats not in this walkthrough.


On March 10, 2013 at 8:16 am

can i talk to you otto?