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Part II

  1. Following the cutscene, accept Nightcrawler’s mission. Head down the train station (past Mystique) and take out two of Gambit’s men. Head down the stairs to the left and take out the rest of Gambit’s men in this area.
  2. Follow the one who will escape up the stairs. Once you get to the “X,” take out the one dude with the bat, and head down the stairs outside. Jump down to the right and take out the three Purifiers.
  3. Follow the courier up the stairs and kill the next group of Purifiers in Chinatown. Clear the area, head for the “X” and head up the stairs. Get to the roof and follow the courier across.
  4. Kill the next group of attacking Purifiers on the other side of the roof. Drop down to the area below and help Gambit’s men kill the Purifiers (don’t forget about the two on the concrete platforms in the back).
  5. Follow the courier across the street and through the double doors. Following the brief cutscene, follow him over the bridge and then help him defeat another group of Purifiers. Clear the area, pick up the health and power cells if you need them, then head for the “X.”
  6. After you are given the package, turn around and go talk to Toad. Decline his offer and head for the open doors to exit Chinatown and get that package delivered. Make a right at the dead end, then go left and head over the bridge. Make a quick left for the “X” at the front entrance of the club.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: After Gambit accuses you of working with the Purifiers, you’ll have to fight him. He’s easy, just watch out for his card throws and his charges and you’ll take care of him in now time and earn the “Ace in the Hole” Achievement.
  8. After learning about the Externals, exit the club. Jump over the railing to the right and head for the “X.” Cross over the bridge and head for the next “X” to the left. Ground pound where you see the fist icon to fall below into the sewer.
  9. Proceed forward and open the barred door. Make a right, drop down and head through the next open door for a challenge arena. All you will have to do is kill 30 enemies under three minutes to earn some X-Genes
  10. Back in the sewer tunnel, proceed forward and head for the “X” around the turn. Turn left and use the pipes on the wall to climb up to ground level. Walk around the hole, climb up the makeshift ramp over to the right to get on top of the container and jump over the gate.
  11. Proceed forward down the street and kill the three Purifiers after you turn right. Climb up the glowing ledges on the building to the left. Take out the Purifiers on the roof, then head down the wooden ramp on the other side.
  12. Once you get to ground level, turn around and follow the alley path. Turn right once you hit the street for another challenge arena. Help Iceman kill 30 Purifiers for another easy X-Gene.
  13. Head in the opposite direction of the dead end, jump over the barrels and climb up the beams on the building to the left. Turn right and make your way toward the “X” (get the nearby health and power cells if you need them first).
  14. Head through the doorway and ground pound the shinning grate. Kill the group of Purifiers below, then head for the “X” and press A to raise open the garage. Kill the next wave of Purifiers before they destroy the truck.
  15. ACHIEVEMENT: You will then be given another option for selecting a power. Void Walk is awesome! But which ever you decide, you will then earn the “Choose Wisely” Achievement.
  16. You will then have to help Gambit and his men kill another wave of flame-throwing Purifiers to prevent them from destroying the truck. Once you see the “X” appear near the controls again, head over to it to raise open the the garage door.
  17. ACHIEVEMENT: After you talk with Gambit again, ground pound the nearby sewer grate to earn the “It’s a Secret to Everybody” Achievement.

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5 Comments on X-Men: Destiny Walkthrough


On October 4, 2011 at 8:35 am

This walk through sucks


On October 23, 2011 at 11:28 pm

Not sure if you realize it, but this walkthrough is missing numerous parts, expecially the huge chunk involving rexcuing Surge and defeating Sublime. Just thought you should know.

Ben Millikan

On October 24, 2011 at 1:22 pm

Re: Niki

Depending on which character you select at the beginning of the game (as well as which faction you side with throughout the course of the game) varies the outcome of which characters you come into contact with.


On November 26, 2011 at 12:31 pm

This walkthrough is not complete. There is the missions with the U-mans lab, thats not in this walkthrough.


On March 10, 2013 at 8:16 am

can i talk to you otto?