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Part IV

  1. Following your conversation with Mystique, kill the attacking Purifiers. Head downstairs, kill the next group of Purifiers and destroy the generator under the overhang to the left. Continue around and head down the next set of stairs, killing the attacking Purifiers along the way.
  2. Destroy the generator at the bottom of the stairs, then kill the attacking Purifiers. Clear the area and head around to the right. Use the pipes to the right to climb up and get over the forcefield blocking the doorway.
  3. Jump from the pipe all the way across to the other pipe on the far wall. Move around to the right, then jump up to the “X.” Ground pound near the large vent, then drop down through it.
  4. ACHIEVEMENT: Right before you are about to be attacked, choose your new power (Dark Vapor!) to earn the “The Choice is Made” Achievement.
  5. If you chose Dark Vapor, you will now be invulnerable to the Stalker’s attacks. After you easily destroy it, back away to avoid the explosion, then go pick up the health and power cells if you need them. Head for the “X” that appears to meet up with Forge.
  6. Follow Caliban through the hole in the wall and head for the “X.” Follow Caliban through the next doorway and kill the group of Purifiers. Dark Vapor will once again make your work ridiculously easy here.
  7. Turn right and take out the next group of Purifiers. Clear the entire area, then head for the “X.” Tell Northstar goodbye to stay focused on the mission. Jump over Juggernaut after he bursts through the barricade, then help him and Caliban kill these enemies here.
  8. Kill the next group of enemies through the gate before heading for the next “X” to meet up with Juggernaut. Choose to do Juggernaut’s Smash-up to enter another challenge arena. Help Juggernaut kill all of the enemies and the MRD munitions.
  9. Quickly clear the first area of all enemies, then follow Juggernaut up the stairs. Destroy the two MRD munitions around the first ring, then head up the stairs and destroy the third to complete the area and earn another X-Gene.
  10. Turn right and follow Juggernaut. Get back so that you are in front of the building in front of the huge rock avalanche, then turn left and head for the “X.” Follow Caliban and the “X’s” around.
  11. ACHIEVEMENT: Fight Wolverine!?!? With your new power he will be easy. Make sure you pick up the X-Gene in the corner when you can, then finished taking care of Wolverine to earn the “Logan’s Run” Achievement.
  12. Following the cutscene, climb up the two beams to get up the stairs to the “X.” Kill the attacking Purifiers coming around the corner, then take out the next wave behind you. Continue around the corner and climb up the building to get to the “X.”
  13. Grab the X-Gene to the right, then kill all of the attacking Purifiers as you make your way around to the next “X.” Jump out toward the flashing yellow beam, then jump up and to the left to get to the next “X.”
  14. Press A to swing the bridge around. Jump up on the roof above the door, then jump over to get on the bridge. Jump across to the other bridge and kill the two attacking Purifiers. Jump down to the “X” and hit A to swing the bridge around again.
  15. Get up on the bridge and head across to the next “X.” Ground pound the weak part of the gravel to drop down. Follow the path around. When you get to the fork, turn right to pick up the health and power cells, then go left.
  16. Just as you are about to get health and power cells on this side, you’ll be ambushed from behind by Purifiers. Take them out, then destroy the Purifiers Stalker (Dark Vapor him to death!). Head for the next “X.”
  17. Following the cutscene, you’ll have to destroy that mass being guarded by Juggernaut (Cyclops’ Prison). He’ll immediately charge at you, so quickly jump out of the way, then begin to attack Cyclops’ Prison. Unfortunately, you’ll have to also dodge huge chunks of metal that Magneto will hurl toward you.
  18. Continue to whack away at the heap of metal, but watch out for Juggernaut’s charges to avoid losing a ton of health. Once you break Cyclops free, you’ll then have to do battle with a helmet-less Juggernaut.
  19. Quickly grab the health cells in the far left corner. As soon as you see Juggernaut charge you, jump out of the way. In his dazed state, take several whacks at him before he gets back to his feet. Repeat this process by luring him to the front of the screen, then jump behind him, move to the back, dodge his charges and finish him off when he is stunned.
  20. You’ll then have to make your way down the street as you avoid the metal objects that Magneto will be hurling at you along the way (move to the left or right of the tanks and jump over the beams). Once you get up close to him, destroy the prison that Cyclops will once again be held in over to the right (Dark Vapor will work wonders here).
  21. Once Cyclops is free, he will use his beam to distract Magneto. All you have to do is sneak in behind him and hit him with attacks. Once you get his health about halfway down, he will toss you back to the other end of the street.
  22. Once again, dodge the chucks of metal to get back to where Magneto is, then destroy Cyclops’ prison again. Once he is free and begins to fire his beam again quickly hit Magneto with attacks.
  23. ACHIEVEMENT: Repeat this entire process one more time to defeat Magneto and earn the “An Unstoppable Force” Achievement.
  24. ACHIEVEMENT: During the cutscene, stick to your good-guy roots and join Cyclops and the X-Men to earn the “Got My Eye on You” Achievement.

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On October 4, 2011 at 8:35 am

This walk through sucks


On October 23, 2011 at 11:28 pm

Not sure if you realize it, but this walkthrough is missing numerous parts, expecially the huge chunk involving rexcuing Surge and defeating Sublime. Just thought you should know.

Ben Millikan

On October 24, 2011 at 1:22 pm

Re: Niki

Depending on which character you select at the beginning of the game (as well as which faction you side with throughout the course of the game) varies the outcome of which characters you come into contact with.


On November 26, 2011 at 12:31 pm

This walkthrough is not complete. There is the missions with the U-mans lab, thats not in this walkthrough.


On March 10, 2013 at 8:16 am

can i talk to you otto?