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Part V

  1. Following your discussion with Cyclops, go right to pick up the health and power cells, then go left, pick up the X-Gene and head for the “X.” In this area with Nightcrawler, destroy the three speakers to break the mind control that Nightcrawler is under.
  2. After you destroy them, head for the “X.” Head up the makeshift stairs and grab the health and power cells at the top. Drop down to the “X” and kill the 15 enemies in this area, including a Prime Enforcer.
  3. ACHIEVEMENT: Following the fight, you will now have to break the mind control that is being forced on Northstar. Destroy the four speakers here, but watch out for his beam blasts that he will fire at you while hovering in the air. After you do so you’ll earn the “Fist of the…” Achievement.
  4. After one of Gambit’s guys busts a whole in the nearby fence, head on through and turn left toward the “X.” Following your conversation with Gambit, you will be able to acquire your final power (Shadow Phase, in this case).
  5. Use your new power to kill the attacking Purifiers, including a Prime Enforcer. After you clear the area, head for the next “X.” After you accept Forge’s mission, grab the health and power cells, then follow Forge.
  6. Pick up the X-Gene under the overhang to the right, then head for the next “X.” Turn right toward the next “X.” Grab the X-Gene in the guard shack, then proceed forward along the chain-link fence.
  7. Drop down through the break in the fence and kill all of the enemies in this area (it’s kinda big, so make sure you look around). Destroy the generator behind the barricade to the left, then health and power up.
  8. After the X-Men come bursting through the gate, help them fight off the next wave of enemies (Dark Vapor!). As soon as you see the “X,” don’t worry about the enemies, just head for it.
  9. Follow the “X’s” up the stairs, then get the health and power cells once you reach the top. Follow the catwalk all the way around the building. Once you reach the spire, walk up the spiral stairs and pick up the X-Gene on the back side.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: Walk back down and climb up blue flashing beams to get to the top. Walk around to the “X” to earn the “Satellite Interference” Achievement.
  11. Following the cutscene, help Cyclops and Magneto destroy the attacking enemies. After you have done so, you will then have to destroy a Purifier Stalker. Once done with that, head for the “X” to teleport to the next building.
  12. Again, clear the building of all enemies here, then head for the “X” to teleport to the next building. You will then have to fight Luis Reyes and his Sentinel. To start, climb up the ledges of the building. You will have to watch out for laser blasts from the Sentinel as well as falling debris from the building. These laser blasts will be harder to dodge the closer you get to the top of the roof.
  13. Once you get to the top, the Sentinel will fly away and then charge back. When you are prompted to jump, do so to avoid getting hit. The Sentinel will then go into a series of attacks: laser blast, fist pound, another laser blast that comes through three orbs and a huge laser blast that will come out of his chest.
  14. All of the attacks are easy to see coming; where ever his hand his is located, that’s the direction in which the blast will go. Following the fist pound, this will be your opportunity to get in some attacks. And as for the blast from the chest, move to the far right front corner of the screen to avoid suffering damage.
  15. Once you get his health about halfway down, he’ll fly away and fire a sequence of fire blasts that you’ll have to sidestep by avoiding the red targets. Once he flies back to the roof, jump again to avoid the debris from the roof, then go back to the same process as before.
  16. After you get his health about three-fourths gone, he’ll fly away again and you will have to dodge his fire blasts again. Once he comes back to the roof, you should be able to finish him off here.
  17. Following the cutscene, you’ll then have to fight Bastion. Similar to Cameron Hodge, you’ll have to break his forcefield first. After he teleports and comes down to ground level, use Dark Vapor to destroy the forcefield.
  18. He’ll then fly away and you will have to dodge his ground pound. Do so, then take out the three Purifiers. Get in some more attacks on Bastion again before he takes flight. Once he does, you’ll have to fight off three more Purifiers at the same time that he teleports around the area, firing laser beams and slashing you with his purple sword.
  19. Following another ground pound, quickly hit him with a few more attacks. Once you get his health down to about halfway, his forcefield will predictably regenerate. His Avalanche attack we’ll be easy to dodge, then you will have to stay on the defensive as you dodge his teleporting laser attacks again.
  20. Hopefully, if you still have plenty of juice in your power tank, wait until he performs another ground pound, then stand where the four targets will come together and immediately before he drops, use your Dark Vapor to take out his forcefield and some more of his health.
  21. Once his health is down to about a fourth of the way, his forcefield will regenerate once again and he will begin to charge at you. The charge will be easy to avoid, however, his attacks will now come much faster and there will be no more ground pounds.
  22. ACHIEVEMENT: The only opportunity that you will have to hit him here is when he teleports to one of the corners and lands after firing his laser. Hopefully you have enough power left to use one more Dark Vapor to finish him off to earn the “Alpha Level Mutant” Achievement and beat the game.

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On October 4, 2011 at 8:35 am

This walk through sucks


On October 23, 2011 at 11:28 pm

Not sure if you realize it, but this walkthrough is missing numerous parts, expecially the huge chunk involving rexcuing Surge and defeating Sublime. Just thought you should know.

Ben Millikan

On October 24, 2011 at 1:22 pm

Re: Niki

Depending on which character you select at the beginning of the game (as well as which faction you side with throughout the course of the game) varies the outcome of which characters you come into contact with.


On November 26, 2011 at 12:31 pm

This walkthrough is not complete. There is the missions with the U-mans lab, thats not in this walkthrough.


On March 10, 2013 at 8:16 am

can i talk to you otto?