XCOM: Enemy Within Campaign Guide

Table of Contents

  • Meld, Gene Mods & Augmentations
  • MEC Troopers Expanded
  • Getting Started – Coping with Changes
  • Covert Operation – EXALT Hacking Mission
  • Useful Gene Mods – Classes & Combinations
  • Operation Ashes and Temples – Base Defense
  • Operation Flying Paramour – Exalt Base Raid

  • Getting Started – Coping with Changes

    In XCOM: Enemy Within, it takes time before new missions start to appear. Getting Gene Mods and MEC Troopers is all well and good, but what else has changed?

    Below, we’ll learn about some of the fundamental changes to the XCOM formula, and how to reach the point where EXALT and other new missions begin to appear.

    Fighting to the Alien Base

    The first goals are all effectively the same as in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Follow these basic steps to reaching the Alien Base below.

    1. UFO Crash Site – Destroy the Outsider
    2. Construct the Alien Containment Facility & Build the Arc Thrower
    3. Capture an Alien with the ARC Thrower and Interrogate it.
    4. Complete the Outsider Shard Project in the Research Tab and construct the Skeleton Key.
    5. Begin the Alien Base Assault.

    While working up to the Alien Base Assault, Terror Missions and UFO Contacts will be a problem. Construct linked Power Generators and Satellite Uplinks to get the most out of the XCOM Facilities.

    Launching satellites over countries will allow you to spot alien UFOs. Place fighters on each continent with Satellite coverage.

    Africa will earn XCOM more money. North America will make all fighter upgrades, projects, and construction cheaper – including satellites. Asia makes getting Barracks upgrades easier. Choose which you prefer, and unlock the continent bonus as soon as possible.

    New missions will begin to appear after completing the Alien Base and researching both critical projects in the lab.

    New Enemy – Seekers

    The slithering Seekers are one of the new, dangerous enemies that begin to spawn by the second month. They add a spooky dynamic to whatever mission they appear in by turning invisible and hunting loners.

    To deal with Seekers, play it safe. Consolidate the squad into a tight formation and keep everyone, or almost everyone, on Overwatch. Seekers will not leave stealth mode until they strike.

    When a Seeker attacks, they use a special ability called Strangle. While strangled, an operative can not move and takes damage each turn they’re held. Shooting the Seeker will free the operative, but the victim will enter a dazed state for one turn. They can shoot with a massive Aim penalty and movement radius is severely limited.

    Seekers are opportunistic hunters. Don’t leave soldiers alone. The victim’s Overwatch will not work when attacked – only friendly allies with Overwatch can shoot a Seeker.

    To defend against the Seeker’s strangulation attack, complete the Chrysalid autopsy to unlock the Bioelectric Skin Gene Mod, and the Chitin Plating item.

    Changes to Rank Unlocks

    Even more changes were made to abilities to balance the powers of each rank. Some powers have been limited, but mostly you’ll find the lame powers have been replaced or upgraded.


    • Snap Shot: Aim Penalty changed to -10 from -20.
    • Squad Sight: 0% Critical Chance. Requires Headshot to land a Critical.


    • Covering Fire: Fires before an enemy attacks.
    • Deep Pockets: Adds additional uses to Medikits, Arc Thrower shots, Grenades, and any other equipped items.


    • Close and Personal: Gives a free shot when an enemy is within 4 squares.


    • HEAT Ammo: +50% Damage bonus against robotic enemies.
    • Grenadier: Carries two grenades of any type; +1 additional damage.

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