Xenoblade Chronicles Beginner’s Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Mechon Wreckage Site
  • Colony 9
  • Military District
  • Tephra Hill
  • Tephra Cave
  • Mag Mel Ruins
  • Colony 9 – Return

    1. After the introductory cutscene, you’ll begin the game with the hero Dunban are two friends against an army of Mechons. An introduction to the art of combat in this game will immediately commence. Take note of this tutorial, you’ll be spending a great deal of Xenoblade in combat, afterall!
    2. Just to reiterate, you’re Dunban, armed with the Monado — a special blade made specifically to destroy Mechons, or the evil robots invading. Now, onto the tutorial.
    3. Tap [Z] to target an opponent, then use the nunchuk’s thumbstick to move in for combat. Once an enemy is targeted, the Battle Palette will appear at the bottom of the screen. The Battle Palette is like your menu bar, where you can select combat or support abilities. To initiate combat, select the center circle, labeled “Fight” on the Palette.
    4. Once “Fight” is selected, you’ll auto-attack as long as you’re in range. You’ll have two Mechon enemies to fight, it doesn’t matter which you take on first.
    5. To the left and right of the “Fight” icon are Arts. Arts are special support or combat abilities you’ll be able to select and later in the game. For now you only have two to choose from. To your left are Support Arts, and right are Combat Arts.
    6. Give both a try against the Mechons. Support powers usually increase the stats of your party members, or heal them, or
      have special effects. Combart Arts hurt enemies, obviously. Use the Monado Buster, your first Combart Art, to deal major damage to the Mechon you’re targeting.
    7. After each use, the Art will have a short cool-down period before it can be used again. Give yourself sometime and save your attacks for the bigger enemies. The bigger they are, the badder. Try to circle around and attack the Mechon’s
      backsides to do more damage.
    8. If you want to destroy a group, line up your Buster Combat Art with other enemies. The attack has a long range and will destroy any closeby enemies straight ahead of the attack.
    9. While you fight, your teammates will automatically attack and provide healing support when you’re in need. Later you’ll learn how to control your party, but for now they’ll work on their own. There’s nothing difficult in this first fight, so just keep attacking and using that Combat Art.
    10. Three more Mechons will appear, followed by a large one. To really get your allies into the battle, use the Support Art called Enchant. The Monado and weapons enchanted by the Monado are the only things that can hurt the Mechon.
    11. With the last group dead and gone, you’ll see the end of the battle and get zipped ahead one year later.

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