Xenoblade Chronicles Beginner’s Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Mechon Wreckage Site
  • Colony 9
  • Military District
  • Tephra Hill
  • Tephra Cave
  • Mag Mel Ruins
  • Colony 9 – Return

    1. Your first enemy in the game, and your first chance to die, begins right as the cutscene ends. Above every opponent is a yellow health bar, and above your characters is a blue health bar. The exact health point numbers are located on the left side of the screen, if you’re interested in the details.
    2. The Colony Krabble isn’t the most dangerous enemy you’ll fight, but take your time here. Check out your new Arts. Here, you’re controlling Shulk — and you’ll learn that some Arts have requirements. Back Slash, for example, only works when you’re behind an enemy.
    3. Your ally will absorb most of the damage, but Shulk comes with a healing power. Use it if your companion’s health is low, but you won’t need to worry about that for now. To select a companion, press up or down with the directional pad.
    4. Certain Arts are called Talent Arts, and won’t be usable until you’ve landed a required number of auto-attack hits. When the icon lights up and is no long dimmed, you’ll be able to use the Talent Art.
    5. After defeating the Colony Krabble, you’ll have some treasure. Take it all! And then take note of the green barrier around the area. These barriers indicate a battle zone, where you’ll need to defeat all the enemies inside before you can continue.
    6. Most wild enemies won’t bother to attack your party, you’ll need to initiate the battle. The next enemy, a Common Caterpile, will not try to attack you. Target it and take it out!
    7. Initiating the fight will teach you all about AGGRO. Aggro Rings let you know which party member is under attack and which enemies are targeting him or her. The character that does the most damage will draw the most aggro.
    8. Shulk won’t do as much damage as your partner, Reyn. Let Reyn draw aggro, then use Shulk’s Back Slash to dish out plenty of damage.
    9. Another critter dead, and another cutscene. Take a moment to read about the camera, controlled with the directional pad and the [C] button. You’ll also see a pointer at the top of your screen with a number. That points you to your next story objective, so you’ll always know where to go next.
    10. Lastly, you’ll have access to your main menu. Press [-] on the Wiimote to bring up your options. Here you can save your game, look at items, equip, and much more. We’ll go over the other menu options as they become relevant.
    11. This is also a good chance to read up on tutorials. Pressing [+] while the message pops up will take you to the Tutorial screen. Take a moment to read about Daze, Topple, and Break. They’re important abilities you’ll want to know more about!
    12. Take on the enemies as you move down the narrow path to return to your Colony home. The enemies here stand no chance, your abilities can be used as often as you want, and your party heals as soon as a battle is finished. Nifty, right?! Don’t forget to collect your treasure!
    13. Ahead, under the natural rock bridge’s shadow, you can spot a bright blue collectable. These collectables are special items that will provide you with a reward, if you fill up a row in your Collectopaedia, which is another option in your Menu!
    14. You’ll face all Level 1 Bunnits and Little Skeeters, neither of which will attack you or put up a fight. Run by them if you’re not interested in finding too much loot.
    15. Enemies don’t drop cash when they’re defeated, instead they’ll drop “junk” items. These items are only useful for selling at traders throughout the game, so make special note of their titles so you can dump them for a cash reward later.
    16. Defeat enough enemies in your path and you’ll gain another level, with some new arts. You won’t be able to change your arts or level up your skill trees yet — that’s for a future tutorial! Just continue on your way.
    17. But, your new art will automatically equip. Slit Edge lowers an enemy’s physical defence, making this a good ability to use at the beginning of a fight.
    18. At the end of the pathway, you’ll reach your hometown of Colony 9 and the surrounding landscape.

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