Xenoblade Chronicles Beginner’s Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Mechon Wreckage Site
  • Colony 9
  • Military District
  • Tephra Hill
  • Tephra Cave
  • Mag Mel Ruins
  • Colony 9 – Return
  • COLONY 9

    1. Arriving at Colony 9, Reyn will leave your party and you’ll hust have control of Shulk. In the town, you’ll find some shop denoted by little tents over an NPC’s head. Take this time to sell the junk you found on your way into town. You can also accept quests. Try to accept as many as you can before leaving, you’ll be rewarded with EXP, money, or items automatically upon completion. There are far too many quests to discuss in this beginner’s guide, so keep an eye out.
    2. Another important feature to know about are trades. Many NPCs with names over their heads can be traded with. Save the items you have and check for trades before selling, as trading NPCs will always reward you with a special or rare item. Trading will also increase your affinity rating for a particular region. Trading more valuable items will further increase your affinity with others.
    3. In the town, you’ll notice large exclamation points on your minimap. These are landmarks. You can quicktravel between landmarks by bringing up your map with the [1] button and selecting them.
    4. At a shop, you’ll be able to sell items. Your junk items are located in the materials tab, or under the little bag icon. Sell your junk! Eventually you’ll want to sell other items too in the other tabs, but you’ll know which items are equipped by the “E” over the item’s icon.
    5. Give the Buy option at the shop a try. You can’t purchase the grayed out icons, but check the rest of the tabs to find items for purchase. Pick up the Nine Cap, the Parlour Jacket, the Nine Cuffs, the Nine Bottoms, and the Nine Shoes to complete an ensemble for Shulk. As you choose items, you’ll see improvements to stats in blue, and negative numbers in red. Look for items with a net gain in stats for each of your party members.
    6. After purchasing, don’t forget to equip! You can equip your party by selecting the Party Icon after bringing up the menu.
    7. Spend the rest of your time exploring, checking out the sights, do whatever you want — your next objective is at the Laboratory located in the Military District. Follow your pointer north out of the market square, continuing toward a bridge leading to the Central Square of Colony 9. Push forward to the Fortress Entrance where your red flag objective marker is located on the minimap.

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