Xenoblade Chronicles Beginner’s Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Mechon Wreckage Site
  • Colony 9
  • Military District
  • Tephra Hill
  • Tephra Cave
  • Mag Mel Ruins
  • Colony 9 – Return
  • Mag Mel Ruins

    1. The ruins are marked by a red flag on your map. Once you’re inside, you can travel back to town using the skip travel option on your map, but you don’t need to stock up quite yet. Continuie ahead through the ruins after the cutscene.
    2. Any Landmark you discover can be skip travelled to at any time, including the Mag Mel Ruins landmark. If your inventory is filling up to full, make sure to travel back to town to sell.
    3. Inside Warehouse 2, move up the stairwell ramps and turn right, entering through the green door into a hallway. There a red door here, remember it for later because it won’t open now, and move through the green door up ahead.
    4. Take the left path to avoid another unique monster, continuing down until it branches left into a cave that ramps upwards, ahead you’ll find the Rear Entrance and the Cylinder Hangar. Enter the Cylinder Hangar, it’s the large open building just ahead to your right.
    5. If you’re not yet level 8, you may want to spend time attacking a few enemies. You’ll have to fight two enemies here that aren’t easy at low levels. When you feel up for it, with new equipment, go ahead.
    6. Inside, you’ll run into another cutscene. After the event, you’ll have to defend yourself against two Ancient Machines.
    7. Here is where you’ll learn about switching targets by holding [Z] and using the directional pad to choose which monster you want to attack. Use this and try to defeat the machines one at a time.
    8. Here, you’ll also learn how to issue commands. [Z+A] will tell your party to attack your current target, [Z+B] will tell them to attack anything the AI deems a threat, and [Z+Down] will have your party regroup around you.
    9. This will likely be your first change at a Chain Attack. Chain Attacks are initiated when your Party Gauge fills all three bars. You can begin a Chain Attack by cursoring over your Talent Art in the center and pressing up or down to scroll through to the Chain Attack icon.
    10. Activating a Chain Attack will deplete your Party Gauge, but instantly recharge all arts. It will allow you to choose the arts of each party member, one at a time, in slow-motioon. This allows you to string devastating attacks that can knock an enemy down, stun, and topple.
    11. Chaining together Arts of the same color will increase your damage or recovery. Talent arts are a wild card, they’ll chain with any colored art.
    12. After the third art is chosen, a Chain Link will activate, so don’t forget to hit [B]. If you land the Chain Link, you’ll be able to launch an additional art. As long as you keep hitting those Chain Links you’ll be able to do another Art, but more Chain Links will only appear if your Affinity is high with your party.
    13. If you’re having trouble, this is a good time to leave and get Fiora equipped back in town. You should also stop to speak with the Gem Man. He’ll explain how to craft gems from items dropped by enemies. Ether Gems can be slotted into your weapons or armor, and provide huge bonuses.
    14. The Gem Man is located in the northern part of town. Talk to him and he’ll give you two gems. Slot them both into Shulk’s weapon to improve them. Gems provide huge bonuses, so it’s important not to forget about them.
    15. Also, don’t forget to use your AP to upgrade your Arts in the Art Selection screen in the Menu. When you’re ready, return to the Cylinder Hangar with Quick Travel.
    16. After the Ancient Machines are defeated, the Mechon will attack.

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