Xenoblade Chronicles Beginner’s Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Mechon Wreckage Site
  • Colony 9
  • Military District
  • Tephra Hill
  • Tephra Cave
  • Mag Mel Ruins
  • Colony 9 – Return
  • Colony 9 – Return

    1. When you’re back in control of your party, jump into the water off the ledge below to rush back to your colony to help defend it from the Mechon army. Down in the water, swim to the shore and follow the pointer up the hill and to the Colony 9 main entrance bridge.
    2. Inside, Fiora will split off and you’ll only have Shulk and Reyn to continue with. Mechons can only be damaged by the Monado or while toppled. You’ll need to topple this Mechon.
    3. Start by inflicting Break, which will occur if you use any pink Art. Once an enemy is broken, they’re vulnerable to Topple, which are designated by a green Art icon.
    4. To pull this off, while controlling Shulk, use Turn Strike, then wait for Reyn to use Wild Down. Reyn will use his ability automatically, and later in the game your Party will always attempt to Break, Topple, and Stun enemies on their own.
    5. Once done, the Mechon will be stunned and Fiora will join the party again. This is where you’ll learn to Flee. Choose Flee the same way as choosing the Chain Attack. Highlight your Talent Art and scroll through your options up or down. You can also choose to Lure far away enemies toward you and away from friends to pick them off one by one.
    6. The Commercial District is flooded with Mechons. Don’t try to fight them, run toward the Central Plaza, avoiding and fleeing from the Mechon soldiers. Enter the Fortess, and run towards the lab entrance. The place is blocked, you’ll need to collect some cylinders in the Residential District. Return to the Central Plaza.
    7. At the Central Plaza, your party will be surrounded by Mechon. You’ll play as Shulk and Reyn again, inside a green circle indicating you’ll have to fight it out with the Mechon hoard.
    8. Remember, you have to Topple these Mechon to hurt them. Target whichever you want, press [Z+A] to attack a single target with your party, and use Shulk’s Turn Strike or Stream Edge to Break an enemy. When Reyn Breaks them, finish them off with a few quick attacks then repeat the process.
    9. With these three Mechons defeated, another scene will start. Gaining control of the party, Dunban will join you with the Monado in hand. Dunban can hurt the Mechons with regular attacks, but it still helps to Topple each enemy. Use one of Shulk’s Break Arts and these new Mechon won’t stand a chance.
    10. Next, cut through the Commercial District with Shulk, Reyn, and Dunban. The Mechon won’t stand a chance now that your
      party is armed with the Monado. Fight your way through toward Fiora and Dunban’s home near the main bridge into town.
    11. Dunban and the Monado can Enchant the party, temporarily allowing everyone to inflict damage to Mechons whether they’ve
      been toppled or not. Use this ability if you’re playing as Dunban, or wait for him to use the art.
    12. Through the Commercial District, run to the bridge for another scene. Afterward, you’ll have to fight more Mechon on the bridge. There’s no escape, but they won’t offer much resistance.
    13. Also, Shulk now uses the Monado. His Talent Art will not allow him to choose from a variety of Monado Arts. Shulk can now Enchant your allies, allowing them to harm Mechon, or launch a powerful Buster attack that damages any enemies in front of Shulk at medium range.
    14. Fight through the Mechons and follow the forest path left. Continue fighting through Mechon until you reach the bridge
      into the Residential District. Inside, you’ll face off against the first Face Mechon.
    15. This is your first boss fight, and there’s not much you can do. The Monado won’t harm the Face Mechon. Attack it for a few minutes until you see a quick scene. When you gain control of the party again, you’ll learn how to Topple Metal Face.
    16. Inflict Break, then Topple. If you only have one, wait until your party uses the other automatically. One Metal Face is
      Toppled, you’ll be able to inflict damage.
    17. If you’re having trouble, use a Chain Attack to inflict Break. Remember, use Pink Arts, then Green Arts in the chain, in that order, to Topple Metal Face.
    18. Go ahead and do that right away at the beginning of the fight. Once Toppled, Metal Face’s health will drop face and you’ll see another scene.
    19. Metal Face will retreat, and you’ll be left to pick up the pieces. Welcome to Xenoblade!

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