Yakuza: Dead Souls Walkthrough

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  • PART 1
  • PART 2
  • PART 3
  • PART 4
  • Chapter 4

    Rescue Hana

    1. After Nagahama leads you to the Oriental Building and you speak with Kine about the urban legend, then read the message sent to you by Hasegawa and make your way south down Nakamichi St.
    2. Continue down the street until you reach the taxi at the far end, then choose Shichifuku St to arrive at the next location and make your way into the first alley on the right.
    3. Enter the storage truck to buy, sell and modify your weapons for the battle to come, then exit the vehicle and use the taxi to return to the Oriental Building.
    4. Speak with Nagahama in front of the Oriental Building and select the “Yeah, I’m Ready” response to enter, then take out the zombies in front of you and climb the staircase at the back of the room.
    5. Eliminate the Monkey Boy in the room above and enter the library through the hole in the back left corner, then fight your way through the book stacks to reach the next hallway and make a right.
    6. Head down the steps in front of you and enter the next area on the left, then approach the pink map icon in the back room to activate the circuit breaker.
    7. Return to the larger area and defeat the Meathead creature, then move into the previous hallway and enter the elevator through the red doors.
    8. Take out the enemies that drop through the elevator’s ceiling, then take out another crowd of zombies when the doors open and move into the next hallway.
    9. Eliminate the Meathead and Monkey Boy in the larger room by staying on the move with combat rolls while firing a shotgun, then smash through the Chinese Restaurant Doors and make a left into the next hall.
    10. Mow down the enemies ahead and climb the stairs on your right, then use the weapons cache and continue up the steps to activate a cut scene in which you rescue Hana.

    Boss Battle: Arahabaki Prototype

    1. Open fire on the boss as soon as the battle begins so that it retreats behind one of the stone pillar clusters located at the corners of the room, then continue shooting the creature as it moves between cover.
    2. When the boss rolls to the center of the room, roll away from it and continue firing while running for cover behind one of the pillars in the corner.
    3. If the creature suddenly climbs onto the walls, follow its path back and forth across the room and continue firing upon it from a distance to avoid its striking attacks.
    4. When the enemy pauses on the wall, roll sideways and away from the creature to avoid the impending attack.
    5. Wait for the boss to climb onto the ceiling and unload a burst of gunfire into the creature’s head so that it falls to the ground, then move in close and continue the attack with a powerful short-range weapon.
    6. Continue attacking the creature until its health bar changes to a yellow color and a cut scene activates in which the boss crawls through a hole in the ceiling, then aim your automatic weapon upwards and target the weak spot on the enemy’s chest to knock him to the ground.
    7. Fire upon the enemy as it lays on the ground before the creature returns to the ceiling, then repeat the previous assault and continue draining the boss’ health until its defeated to complete this part of the game.
    8. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Part I Complete (Bronze): Complete the four chapters of Part I.

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