Yakuza: Dead Souls Walkthrough

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  • Chapter 1

    Defeat All Enemies

    1. After the cut scene, open fire on the zombies in front of you while backing away across the penthouse to remain at a safe distance.
    2. Turn the corner ahead to clear out the remaining enemies and approach the the next door to exit the room, then move left around the lobby below and eliminate the zombies you encounter next.
    3. Enter the last hallway on the left and follow it around to reach the staircase, then climb the steps to reach the 58th floor and move into the room occupying the pink map icon to search the area for supplies.
    4. Make your way to the back of the room to locate the ammo cache and activate a cut scene, then refill your supplies and exit the area to designate your next location as the 56th floor.
    5. Turn right down the hall and use the stairs to reach the 57th floor below, then make an immediate right through the open doorway and begin mowing down the zombies in your path.
    6. Fight your way around to the other side of the room to encounter a Fattie enemy, then clear out most of the lesser zombies first before you kill the obese creature and release a cloud a green rage gas.
    7. Exit the rounded room through the next door ahead and make an immediate right to climb down that staircase that leads to the 56th floor, then turn right again to follow the next narrow corridor forward and enter a second rounded room.
    8. Make your way around the room and eliminate the Meathead enemy, then exit through the next door in the corner and approach the red elevator door marked with a pink map icon ahead to activate a cut scene.
    9. Equip the shotgun and use it to clear out the enemies in the area until the elevator arrives, then enter the car through the now-open doors and activate a cut scene.
    10. Take cover behind the escalators to your left or right and open fire into the crows of enemies ahead, starting with the Fattie creature, then move forward to continue searching this floor for zombies and eliminate the remaining ones in the area.
    11. Climb the escalators to reach the floor above and approach the revolving doors that have been marked with a pink map icon to complete the mission.

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