Yakuza: Dead Souls Walkthrough

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  • PART 2
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  • PART 4
  • Boss Battle: Onraki Prototype

    1. Move west down the street towards the pink icon on your map to activate a cut scene in which you encounter Onraki Prototype.
    2. Use combat rolls at the onset of the battle to move past the boss on his right side and enter the tank parked on the side of the street, then tap the indicated button to load the cannon before the creature is close enough to pull you out of the vehicle.
    3. Score multiple hits with the tank’s cannon to drain Onraki’s health until the vehicle’s ammo is depleted, then exit the driver’s seat and open fire on the creature with your machine gun to activate a cut scene in which the boss’ protective shell breaks apart.
    4. Back away from the creature and continue draining its health with the machine gun by targeting the vulnerable red spot on the enemy’s chest, then wait for a cut scene to activate in which the boss picks up a car and use your sniping ability to firing a bullet at the vehicle’s gas tank.
    5. Press the indicated button to hit the gas tank and detonate an explosion that significantly damages the boss, then equip the shotgun and run over to the creature’s fallen body to continue draining its health.
    6. When the enemy rises to its feet and picks up another car, retreat to a far distance and equip your machine gun again.
    7. Roll away from the objects that the enemy throws at you, then continue firing upon the boss’s vulnerable point to drain its health until the battle is won and a cut scene activates.
    8. Afterwards, head northwest towards the pink icon on your map and navigate the narrow streets until you encounter an Aggro creatures, then run past the enemy without inciting a conflict and continue around into the next open area.
    9. Fight through the next hoard of zombies ahead and eliminate the Meathead enemy, then continue towards the pink map icon until you reach Theater Square Northwest and make your way down the street to complete the mission.

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