Yakuza: Dead Souls Walkthrough

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  • PART 1
  • PART 2
  • PART 3
  • PART 4
  • Chapter 4

    Head for the Batting Center

    1. Approach the exit and choose “Leave” to activate a cut scene in which you encounter Akiyama, then cross the bridge in front of you and approach the manhole ahead on the right to enter the North Sewer below.
    2. Move forward through the sewer system in the direction of pink icon on your map, then climb the last small metal staircase on the left to enter Children’s Park.
    3. Head left down Shichifuku St. West, then enter the to supply truck ahead on the right buy, sell and modify your weapons.
    4. Exit the vehicle and head northwest towards the pink map icon until you reach the Hotel District, then approach Akiyama in front of the batting center and select the “I’m good” response to enter the building.

    Boss Battle: Tsuchigumo Prototype

    1. When the battle begins, open fire on the boss with your shotgun and back away from it quickly to keep a safe distance.
    2. As you retreat and shoot, move in wide circles around the perimeter of the room to avoid being trapped against a wall.
    3. Continue firing upon the boss until the creature’s tentacles start glowing blue, then roll repeatedly away from the battle to avoid the enemy’s flurry of jumping attacks.
    4. When the enemy has landed after its final sir assault, move back in a close-range and return to draining the boss’ health bar with shotgun blasts.
    5. Wait for the creature’s tentacles to glow blue again, then roll sideways to avoid the series of charging attacks and continue firing upon the enemy while backing away.
    6. As you lead the creature around the room, try to keep it’s line of movement from colliding with your partner so that he remains in the attack position at all times.
    7. Continue rolling away from the creature’s attacks and inflicting damage upon it from a distance until a cut scene activates in which the boss curls into a spinning ball of death, then open fire on the enemy as it pursues Akiyama across the room.
    8. Hit the rolling monster with your shotgun to put the boss on its back, then move in at very close-range and continue draining its health with repeated gunfire blasts until the enemy is back on its feet.
    9. Continue firing upon the creature until it glows blue and curls into a ball again, then roll sideways repeatedly in a continuous circle to stay ahead of the pursuing enemy until it comes to a stop.
    10. Drain the boss’s health until it collapses to the ground, then move in at extremely close-range and inflict additional damage to the creature with continuous shotgun blasts.
    11. Repeat the previous combat strategies to drain the boss’ remaining health and activate a cut scene in which Akiyama pitches a grenade in your direction.
    12. Press the indicated button to successfully swing the shotgun like a baseball bat so that you hit the grenade into the creature’s mouth and complete this part of the game.
    13. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Part II Complete (Bronze): Complete the four chapters of Part II.

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