Yakuza: Dead Souls Walkthrough

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  • PART 1
  • PART 2
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  • PART 4
  • Head for the Toshin Building

    1. Make a right down Schichifuku St. West and fight your way through the zombie and meathead infested areas, then approach the pink map icon to activate a cut scene in which you are instructed to change directions.
    2. Head south to pass through the opening in the wall beside you and make your way up Theater Square Northwest, then continue towards the pink map marker until you encounter a battle between two soldiers and a group of zombies.
    3. Eliminate the pack of enemies on your left to activate a cut scene in which the soldiers ask for an escort, then stick close by your new partners to move forward as a unit and use teamwork to efficiently clear out the first wave of zombies guarding the corner ahead.
    4. Eliminate the meathead creature that appears next and continue towards the movie theater across the street, then turn around when you reach the bottom of the steps at the front entrance and eliminate the approaching Fatties.
    5. Take out any zombies in the near vicinity and pick up the gatling gun ammo laying on the sidewalk to the north, then slowly lead your team up and down Theater Ave to exterminate the zombies still occupying the area.
    6. As you clear Theater Ave. of threats, target the Monkey Boy creatures first to immediately eliminate the most lethal enemy from the overall battle and search all corners of the available map space to make sure no zombie has escaped you.
    7. Once the area outside the movie theater is cleared of zombies, make your way into the building’s front lobby and eliminate any remaining enemies to reveal the next destination.
    8. Head south down Theater Ave. to activate a cut scene in which the team is disbanded and you are left to continue the mission from Taihei Blvd., then move east towards the pink map icon and fight your way forward past the patrolling zombies until the mission is complete.

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