Yakuza: Dead Souls Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • PART 1
  • PART 2
  • PART 3
  • PART 4
  • Rescue the Civilians

    1. Approach the indicated tank to enter it and take control of the cannon, then listen to the radio transmission to exit the vehicle and learn about your next destination.
    2. Clear the out the zombies wandering in front of the tanker truck, then make your way east down the current street until the flying Diptera creatures appear from above.
    3. Equip the gatling gun if possible and move slowly towards the pair of Dipteras ahead, then open fire when you have a clear shot at the nearest enemy and keep a safe distance.
    4. Wen you see a Diptera lean its head back, execute a sideways combat roll to avoid the spitting attack that comes immediately after and continue inflicting damage on the two flying enemies by making well-placed headshots.
    5. Choose one of the Dipteras to focus on primarily and fire upon this particular flying creature relentlessly until it falls down dead, then shift your crosshairs to the remaining enemy and move in at close distance quickly eliminate this monster as well.
    6. Refill your weapon supply at the cache located on front steps of Millennium Tower, then head south towards the pink map icon to enter Nakamichi Alley and mow down the small group of enemies that drops nearest to you.
    7. Use heat sniping to fire a bullet towards the explosive object ahead, then press the indicated button to hit your mark and clear the majority of the alley of zombies with a massive explosion.
    8. Move forward through the alley and pick off any remaining enemies in your path to activate a cut scene at the shipping containers ahead, then squeeze through the small opening beside you and continue south towards the pink map icon.
    9. Make your first right to pick up gatling gun ammo, then turn around to head in the opposite direction and activate a cut scene in which you encounter a Hermit creature.
    10. Back away from the Hermit and continue retreating towards the opposite end of the street until the large creature rolls into a ball , then use heat sniping to fire at the fuel tanks against the wall on the right as the enemy passes alongside them.
    11. Press the indicated button to hit your intended target and detonate the explosive containers to severely damage the Hermit’s health, then use a small amount of gatling gun fire to finish the enemy off and continue through the alley ahead.
    12. Continue through the narrow alleys until a cut scene activate in which you encounter Ibuki and cut a deal with him, then mow down the small group of zombies in front of you and make your way forward to rescue a civilian.
    13. Take the first left ahead and eliminate the enemies in front of you, then turn around and take out the pack of zombies in the distance to rescue another civilian.
    14. Make your next right down Nakamichi Alley and mow down enemies blocking the path ahead to clear the area of any remaining threats, then fight your way back across the previous street and make the first left turn available.
    15. Move forward up the next section of Nakamichi Alley and approach the pink map icon ahead on your right to activate a cutscene in which you receive another mission from Ibuki, then resupply your weapons at the cache behind you and return to the outside.
    16. Move back towards Pink St to encounter various civilians under attack, then rescue the first group of innocents by traveling between the two sections of Nakamichi Alley and focusing your gunfire on the tightly packed zombie swarms that indicated an attack in progress.
    17. Clear Pink St and the two alleys of all zombies to successfully rescue the first three survivors, then lead the group over towards the pink icon on your to drop them off at Ibuki’s safehouse.
    18. Make the first immediate left in front of you to navigate a series of narrow alleys and eventually reach the small opening in the shipping crates you squeezed through earlier, then head towards the tank you previously occupied to join up with two more survivors.
    19. With the help of your two new teammates, fight your way back towards Ibuki’s safehouse to drop the civilians off at the front door and start the third and final rescue mission.
    20. Return to the tank where you rescued the last two civilians and continue along the street to the opposite end of Taihei Blvd, then turn south down Taihei Blvd. West and activate a cut scene in which you encounter more survivors.
    21. Fight your way back to Millennium Tower with the help of the group you just enlisted and occasionally turn back to make sure none of your teammates are currently under attack, then turn north into Nakamichi Alley and fend off the army of zombies that descends from above.
    22. Return to Ibuki’s safehouse with all of the survivors present and accounted for to finish the rescue mission.

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