Yakuza: Dead Souls Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • PART 1
  • PART 2
  • PART 3
  • PART 4
  • Escape the Quarantine Zone

    1. Move into the first alley on your right to encounter a Hermit and a Diptera, then quickly roll sideways into the narrow opening beside you to avoid being run over and take out the nearby approaching zombies.
    2. Turn back towards the previous opening and unload your gatling gun into the Hermit until its destroyed, then turn around and exit the alley to escape the Diptera.
    3. Cross to the opposite side of the enclosed area and turn around, then use your gatling gun to fend off the surrounding zombies and defeat the Diptera.
    4. Return to the alley where you encountered the two larger creatures and make a right to activate a cut scene, then exit into the large burning area ahead and blast through the wall immediately to your right.
    5. Eliminate the zombies around the next corner and continue forward to climb up the mountain of debris blocking the alleyway, then take out the enemies at the top of the incline and any others you can see in the distance.
    6. Move to the far right end of the platform you’re on and make your way down the incline in the corner, then eliminate the enemies below and continue left to climb the next ramp made of burning debris.
    7. Eliminate the enemies you encounter at the top before heading down the next incline in front of you to the left, then approach the Beefy Lady waiting at the bottom to accept an impromptu rescue mission.
    8. Return to the alley where you encountered the Hermit and Diptera by crossing back over the series of debris ramps as you did previously, then approach the large pile of garbage in the open area and and defeat the meathead.
    9. Move forward across the open area and pass in front of the alley’s entrance, then make a right when you reach the far corner and approach the man sitting down in the street to rescue him.
    10. Return to where you met the Beefy Lady and make a right to take the next corner, then eliminate the enemies in front of you and blast through the wall that’s blocking the path.
    11. Destroy the next barricade and move towards the street in front of you to encounter a large group of varying creatures, then equip your gatling gun if necessary to begin targeting the Dipteras and Fatties first.
    12. Move back and forth across the street to avoid being surrounded or ambushed, then finish off the remaining Diptera and position yourself at one end of the road.
    13. Turn towards the approaching masses and use Heat Sniping to fire a bullet at one of the gas lines or fuel tanks against the wall, then press the indicated button to unleash a jet of fire that will damage or kill anything nearby.
    14. Clear out the remaining zombies with your pistol to save the gatling gun’s ammo and complete this mission.

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