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    Little Asia

    1. Read the message from Hasegawa, and head south on Nakamichi St. until you are approached by a Cameraman and a Director, then choose the “I don’t have time for this” response and continue forward.
    2. Make a left at the end of Nakamichi St. and continue forward along the sidewalks to enter the supply truck ahead, then speak with Kamiyama and choose to “Buy this guy a piece”.
    3. Respond with “No problem” to finish the conversation, then do business with Kamiyama to improve your arsenal and exit the truck to activate a cut scene in which you encounter Junya and Gary.
    4. Make your way northeast towards the pink icon on the map until you reach Taihei Blvd,. East, then approach the rusty gates at the end of the road to activate an extended cut scene in which you are attacked by a creature named Hayashi.
    5. Afterwards, back into an empty corner that’s away from the rest of the zombies in the room and clear them out using the gatling gun to activate a cut scene in which you receive a phone call.
    6. Exit the building, then clear the street of the varying creatures flooding into it by using the gatling gun and heat sniping the explosive objects to activate a cut scene.
    7. Move through the narrow gap ahead and follow the series of alleyways around until a cut scene activates in which you encounter a Hiding Child, then choose the “way out” response and continue forward.
    8. Make your way through the narrow alleyways to approach the pink map icon and enter an enclosed room that will suddenly fill with enemies.
    9. Back up against the entrance and take out the enemies with headshots as they drop from the ceiling to clear them out, then approach the cardboard box in the corner of the room to speak with the East Asian Man.
    10. Exit the room and make a right to activate a cut scene in which you spot trapped civilian on the streets below, then make another right through the narrow corridors and smash through next wooden wall in your path.
    11. Turn right to eliminate the group of enemies in front of you and rescue the Asian Man to speak with him, then smash through the wall in the corridor beside you and enter the room on the left to encounter another survivor.
    12. Work with the civilian to eliminate the zombies in the room and rescue the Chinese Man to speak with him, then climb the nearby stairs and enter the room at the top.
    13. Turn right to spot another civilian being attacked by flaming zombies and take the enemies out with well-aimed headshots from a distance to rescue the South Asia Man, then move through the nearby doorway and follow the narrow corridor around to make a left down the next staircase.
    14. Follow the hallway around, then head down the next set of steps on your right to activate a cut scene and complete the mission.

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