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  • Chapter 2

    Head for Kamurocho Hills

    1. After speaking with Hasegaw and reading her text message, approach the supply truck in the corner to modify, buy and sell various items from your arsenal.
    2. Return to Asagi and select the “Let’s Go” response to begin your journey towards Kamurocho Hills, then move forward up Senryo Ave and mow down the zombies standing in your way.
    3. Wait for the Hermit creature to appear, then retreat back down the Senryo Ave and stand behind the patch of fire on the ground.
    4. Goad the Hermit into rolling over the fiery ground so that he loses his protective covering, then open fire on the creature with an automatic weapon until it’s defeated.
    5. Continue north towards the pink map icon and fight your way through the zombies wandering the streets without stopping, unless it’s one of the larger enemies who cannot be ignored without causing you additional strife.
    6. Make your way onto Schichifuku St. East and approach the left side of the enormous barricade to discover a set of steps leading down, then use these stairs to reach a series of underground hallways.
    7. Navigate the darkly lit corridors by mowing down the enemies that block your path and don’t stop until you reach the another set of stairs that leads back to the streets above, then climb these steps to arrive at Millennium Tower and head left to reach Shichifuku St.
    8. Fight your way towards the north end of Shichifuku St and eliminate the Diptera before moving on, then take a right onto Park Blvd. and continue east in the direction of the pink map icon until you must defeat a meathead creature.
    9. Destroy the next wooden barricade ahead and roll out of the way before the Hermit is able to run you over, then open fire on the creature until it’s defeated.
    10. Continue west towards the pink icon until you reach a grassy park area to the left of another enormous barricade, then approach the red garage doors in front of the park to activate a cut scene in which you arrive at Kamurocho Hills.
    11. Afterwards, fight your way up the steps ahead to reach the glass double doors at the top and enter the building.
    12. Make your way into the main lobby area and continue taking out the enemies that come towards you, then refill your supplies at the weapons cache in front of the first escalator on the left and climb the steps to reach the second floor.
    13. Head right along the checkered tile floor and take down various zombies with quick headshots, then eliminate the Monkey Boy and continue forward.
    14. Take the last available left to cut through a clothing store and reach the other side of the checkered tile floor, then continue forward around the edge of the lobby below and approach the last large hallway ahead.
    15. Wait for the Hermit to emerge from the hallway, then retreat at full speed until the rolling creature in pursuit comes to a stop and you are able to defeat it with burst of automatic gunfire.
    16. Enter the large open hallway ahead and fight past the group of zombies patrolling the area, then move through the doorway in the back left corner to reach the supermarket and activate a cut scene in which you encounter Hayashi.
    17. Afterwards, quickly take out the SDF zombies in front of you and to the right by keeping a safe distance and putting them down with well-placed headhshots.
    18. If one of these enemies manages to throw a grenade, you can either avoid the burning square of floor that it creates or put it between yourself and an undead soldier for an offensive advantage.
    19. Clear the room of all remaining SDF zombies and approach the entrance to the wide open hallway from before, then mow down the zombies that come charging your way and finish off the Monkey Boy back in the supermarket to complete the chapter.

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