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  • Chapter 3

    Escape from Kamurocho Hills

    1. Take out the group of enemies in front of you, then move forward across the checkered floor to activate a cut scene in which you rally an assault on the enemies that occupy the lobby below.
    2. Move forward across the checkered floor to take control of the mounted sniper rifle indicated in the cut scene, then aim the crosshairs down towards the lobby floor to keep your sights trained on the general area surrounding Majima.
    3. Aim the rifle slightly above Majima’s head to target the meathead coming his way and zoom in, then wait for the creature to remain still for a few seconds and fire a round into its face until the head explodes.
    4. Keep your crosshairs trained on Majima and zoom in to a comfortable viewpoint, then pick off enemies that approach from off-screen before they can reach your teammate.
    5. Since these enemies are notoriously hard to put down, make sure each of your shots is aimed carefully in an attempt to score a clean hit to their heads.
    6. Avoid straying your sights from the close vicinity of Majima to the straggling zombies that wander near the surrounding walls. The time it takes to eliminate these distant and harmless enemies could provide an opportunity for the other creatures to ambush your teammate off-screen.
    7. When the crowd of zombies begins to dwindle, search the area below to take out the remaining creatures and join Majima in the lobby.
    8. Turn around and refill your supplies at the weapons cache, then use teamwork to fight your way into the hallway that leads to the building’s front doors.
    9. Sprint through the last room to quickly pass by the line of SDF zombies before they can hurl grenades at you, then exit the building by approaching the glass doors ahead and make your way down the front steps outside.
    10. Take your time eliminating the lesser zombies wandering near the bottom of the steps first, then focus gunfire on the Deptera creatures while rolling away from the charging Hermits that come towards you.
    11. Once the flying creatures are eradicated, use teamwork to spray the Hermits with rounds from your auto weapons so that the enemy eventually loses its protective shell and dies.
    12. Make your next target the meathead creature and defeat him quickly with repeated headshots, then make your way around the courtyard and eliminate all remaining zombies in the area to complete the mission.

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