Yakuza: Dead Souls Walkthrough

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  • PART 2
  • PART 3
  • PART 4
  • Chapter 2

    Head to the DVD Shop

    1. After the cut scene, follow the on-screen instructions to learn the dodging, kicking and weapon attack controls.
    2. Use your newly-learned abilities to fight off the hoard of zombies coming through the door and complete the combat training, then defeat the remaining enemies with your pistol to activate a cut scene.
    3. Follow the scene in which you get Hana to safety, learn the map viewing functions and exit the back alley area by heading north towards the blue icon to activate another cut scene.
    4. Learn the aiming controls to pick off the two zombies standing on the van across the street from you, then open the main menu and acquire the Head Tracking ability.
    5. Exit the alley to reach the zombies on the street and begin moving forward down the burning road. You can use pistol headshots, kicks and throwable weapons to fight past the hoard of enemies ahead or by trying to simply run around them.
    6. Continue forward until a cut scene activates in which you reach a dead end, then move through the nearby building’s entrance to make a right down the hallway and enter the next room.
    7. Take out the zombie in the darkened corner and move the staircase across from it, then kill another enemy at the top of the steps and turn around to face additional monsters.
    8. Eliminate the enemies ahead to climb up the next staircase in the corner, then turn around when you reach the floor above and make your way across the red-lit room to activate the Explosives tutorial.
    9. Shoot the barrels through the window beside you to cause an explosion and complete the combat training, then head to the back of the room you just cleared and make a right down the next staircase.
    10. Make a right through the kitchen area and continue taking out the zombies in your path, then climb the of stairs in the last room ahead and move right past the broken windows at the top.
    11. Cross over the wooden plank to enter a new building and pick up the Long Metal Pipe in the next room, then use this weapon to fight off the zombies who suddenly flood in from the nearby open door.
    12. Once you have cleared a path to the open doorway, exit the room and make your way down the steps to take a left through the next hallway below.
    13. Enter the room on the left to reach a deadened and encounter another group of zombies, then back up take them out with headshots.
    14. Follow the onscreen instructions to break down the collapsable section of the wall and exit into the outside area to reach a Checkpoint, then move forward towards the street and take out the zombies.
    15. Move into the narrow alley across the street and take out the zombies around the corner, then make a left past the silver door and learn about the Health Recovery options.
    16. Exit the alley and make a right down the street to activate a cut scene, then follow the onscreen instruction to learn the Snipe Gauge controls and use this new ability to take out out enemies in front of the car ahead.
    17. Learn the Heat Sniping controls to target the car’s gas tank and fire a bullet to activate a cut scene, then press the indicated button to hit your mark and cause a massive explosion.
    18. Move forward past the burning wreckage to activate a cut scene in which you encounter Nagahama, then click through your dialogue with him to acquire the next mission: Head to the DVD Shop.
    19. Make your way north up Taihei Blvd and take out the zombies blocking the street, then take a right down the stairs, after passing the tanker truck in the middle of the road.
    20. Enter Kamuro Theater and head down the escalators in the back corner to reach the Theater Underground B1, then move forward to encounter the Brash Woman and click through your conversation with her.
    21. Learn about the Directives / Spec-Ops, then move towards to pink icon on the map to head down the stairs and reach the Theater Underground B2 area.
    22. Continue through the rooms towards the pink icon and take out the zombies blocking your path, then make contact with the map marker to complete the chapter.

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