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  • Eliminate the Intruders

    1. Make your way back across the small bridge and approach Akiyama who’s waiting for you over by the homeless from earlier, then choose “We’re Good” to enter the sewers and equip a shotgun as your primary weapon.
    2. In order to complete this mission, prevent the army of approaching zombies from pushing their way past you before the timer runs out and reinforcements arrive.
    3. Since the objective is more about pushing the enemies back rather then defeating them, save your shotgun blasts for knocking down enemies who are still standing and within a short range of distance from you.
    4. Avoid moving forward unless necessary so that you are all that stands between the enemy and the entrance to Purgatory. If you must roll away from the current position to evade an attack , send yourself backwards so that zombies are still unable to make a bee-line for the exit.
    5. Instead of targeting enemies pone by one, focus your gunfire on multiple enemies at once so that the weapon is effectively breaking up the larger waves of undead that may consume you if they should get any closer.
    6. If Akiyama is suddenly pounced on by an aggressive zombie, immediately shift your focus over to him and remove the threat so that you can continue to utilize the advantages of teamwork.
    7. Aim down the crosshairs of the shotgun to target the top of the small set of steps in front of you, then fire the weapon repeatedly as enemies appear from offscreen.
    8. Continue eliminating the zombies until the timer hits the 2 minute mark and Hermits start to arrive on the scene, then back up quickly from the rolling enemy so that it comes to a stop before reaching you and unload shotgun rounds into the creature until its dead.
    9. Fend off the next wave of zombies in the same manner as before until the timer hits the 1 minute mark and various larger enemies arrive, then target the Fatties and Monkey Boys first to quickly eliminate them before having to retreat from the meatheads and hermits.
    10. Hold off the last wave of creatures until time runs out to activate a cut scene in which reinforcements arrive and your next objective begins, then move forward towards the pink map icon and mow down the enemies standing in your way.
    11. Move into the first alcove on your left and approach the weapons cache nearby, then modify, buy or sell weapons and supplies from the arsenal to prepare for the battles ahead.
    12. Continue towards the south end of the tunnel by clearing a path with your shotgun blasts, then eliminate the meathead you encounter next and climb the metal steps ahead on the left to exit the sewer.

    Boss Battle: Basan Prototype

    1. Begin unloading shotgun rounds to the flying creature as soon as the battle begins, then continue firing upon the boss at close range until he retreats to the right side of the street in front of you.
    2. Move out onto the street and turn right to approach the enemy hovering above, then equip the sniper rifle and dodge the boss’ various projectiles with combat roll evasion until you are close enough to hit your mark effectively without having to use the scope.
    3. When the enemy retreats for a second time, wait for the creature to land on the marque before you either approach the boss at close range to fire upon him with inaccurate yet rapid gunfire or use the sniper rifle’s scope to zoom in from a distance for significantly damaging headshots.
    4. Continue draining the Basan’s health until a cut scene activates in which zombies begin to swarm around you from all sides, then move closer to your two teammates and allow them to fend off the undead while you return to shooting the flying enemy out of the sky.
    5. Unload sniper rifle rounds into the boss until he crashes to the ground in a heap, then quickly approach the fallen enemy and use the opportunity to squeeze off gunfire right against the creature’s head.
    6. Continue firing upon the boss until it ascends high into the air and lands on the enormous barricade wall, then use your sniper rifle’s scope to zoom in on the creatures head before firing off a few rounds that will end the battle in your favor.

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