Yakuza: Dead Souls Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • PART 1
  • PART 2
  • PART 3
  • PART 4
  • Chapter 4


    1. As the tank drives through the city streets, sweep the turret back and forth across the area ahead to mow down any zombie standing in the way before it causes you damage.
    2. To avoid overheating the turret gun, fire it in short bursts and only aim at the zombies standing directly in the tank’s path.
    3. For the narrower streets that seem to overflow with zombies, execute more rapid quickfire bursts with the turret and begin targeting enemies further in the distance so that you have a enough time to eliminate them before they can inflict damage.
    4. Be vigilante for explosive objects laying on the ground and shoot them whenever possible to either clear away a pack of nearby zombies or remove the flammable item from the road before the tank collides into it.
    5. Continue clearing the path ahead as the tank navigates the various roads and alleyways until it hits a road block, then wait for the vehicle to reverse and come to a stop before opening fire on the approaching Onraki’s vulnerable chest.
    6. Use quick back and forth sweeping motions to eliminate the zombies that line the street on either side of you, then return to firing upon Onraki as he has moves forward to get within extremely close range of the tank.
    7. As the monster raises its arms to pound the ground, use the opportunity to score continuous hits across the enemy’s exposed chest and face so that you eventually interrupt the shockwave attack that was about to occur.
    8. Continue spraying the Onraki’s vulnerable areas with turret fire to block his shockwave slam and eventually drain the monster’s health bar to defeat him.
    9. After the timer reaches zero and the tank pushes through the roadblock, continue clearing the path in front of the vehicle to avoid taking as much damage as possible without overheating the gun.
    10. When the tank reaches another dead end and shifts into reverse, open fire on the pursuing Onraki and continuously hit the vulnerable spot on his chest to keep the monster away from the vehicle until you are able to lose him.
    11. After you reach another dead end, take out the grenade-tossing zombies nearby before shifting focus back onto the Onraki.
    12. Fire continuously upon the larger creature’s vulnerable spots until it falls over dead to complete the game.
    13. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Part IV Complete (Bronze): Complete the four chapters of Part IV.
    14. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Thanks for Playing! (Gold): Complete the Final Chapter.

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