Yakuza: Dead Souls Walkthrough

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  • PART 1
  • PART 2
  • PART 3
  • PART 4
  • Head for the Oriental Building

    1. Move through the back left corner to exit the alley onto Tenkaichi St. and make a right to encounter the Monkey Boy enemies, then eliminate these new creatures by backing away firing upon them with a shotgun.
    2. Continue forward towards the large metal wall and turn left, then make your down the steps to reach the Underground Mall and continue in the direction of the pink map icon.
    3. Approach the weapons cache on the right to collect additional supplies, then enter the doorway beside it to reach the Central Parking Lot and take out the first wave of zombies in the near vicinity.
    4. Make a left at the burning wreckage in front of you and continue moving across the length of the parking lot until you must defeat or evade a Meathead enemy, then head east towards the pink map icon to encounter an SDF Officer.
    5. Approach the indicated vehicle to learn about Emplaced Weapons, then enter the car to take control of the mounted gun and use it to mow down the hoard of zombies coming towards you.
    6. During this assault, be sure to keep an eye on the fallen soldier to your right so that you can pick off any zombies trying to further injure him.
    7. Continue fending off the zombies and Cry Babies until there no more remaining, then dismount from the gun and make your way towards the pink map icon to exit the area via a manhole in the corner.
    8. Move forward through the sewer, then make a right when you reach the metal platform and cross the bridge of metal steps to the left.
    9. Pick up the explosives and toss them down onto the crowd of zombies to the west, then continue crossing the bridge and kick down the barricade to blocking the path on your right.
    10. Smash through the next barricade below and fight your way past the zombies to climb the staircase on the left, then continue up the steps to reach the next level above and move into the hallway ahead.
    11. Follow the hallway towards the pink map icon and mow down the zombies in your way, then approach the ladder at the end of the last corridor to complete the mission.

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