Zeno Clash 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Beginning
  • Prison Break
  • Finding Pott
  • Getting Gastornis
  • Meeting Hanae
  • Therium in the Corwid Woods
  • Gettin the Chain Weapon
  • Desert Exploration
  • Bird Golem
  • The Titan
  • The End World
  • The Throne
  • Saving Henae & Deadra
  • Below the Throne
  • Golem of the North Battle
  • The Two-Headed Man
  • Killing the Singers
  • The Pink Tower
  • The East Golem
  • The Grand Finale
  • Pt. 10: The Titan

    1. Head north up the path to the platform that will take you to Rath-Bird Fields. Head north toward the objective marker. You’ll eventually run into a midget who collets feet! Pick your allies, then take out him and his minions.
    2. Following your victory, head along the large rock formation blocking your path to the right (northeast). Eventually, you’ll spot a passageway through the large rocks to enter through. Once you arrive at the platform, take it to the Desert.
    3. Head north. You’ll end up running into a wall. In order to break it, you have to get up on the hill to the left. Run around to the front up the hill, head up the two ramps, link the two Orbs together, then punch the one closest to you to destroy the wall.
    4. After you head back down the hill and continue on the path, link up the next set of orbs and break the one closest to you to set up a battle with this large monstrosity of a boss.
    5. He’s easy: Simply go around to the orbs that he passes by and use the Golem hand to link the orb to the boss himself (one on each shoulder and one in his mouth). Once you see the green line connecting to two, repeatedly punch the orb till it breaks. Rinse, wash, repeat. You will have to fight off some Minions and dodge some bombs, too.
    6. The last thing to note about this boss is that you will eventually run out of orbs. When this happens, use your Golem Hand to link up the orbs on the boss to his Minions. WIth the connection made, punch the Minion to inflict harm on the boss.
    7. After he collapses, head around to his backside and link the final orb here to a Minion to defeat him. Head north. When you reach the large tower, get the Skill Point inside, then get to the platform to head to Endworld.

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