Zeno Clash 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Beginning
  • Prison Break
  • Finding Pott
  • Getting Gastornis
  • Meeting Hanae
  • Therium in the Corwid Woods
  • Gettin the Chain Weapon
  • Desert Exploration
  • Bird Golem
  • The Titan
  • The End World
  • The Throne
  • Saving Henae & Deadra
  • Below the Throne
  • Golem of the North Battle
  • The Two-Headed Man
  • Killing the Singers
  • The Pink Tower
  • The East Golem
  • The Grand Finale
  • Pt. 19: The East Golem

    1. Time to get your fight on with a ton of mountain people, including Morreya. She’ll be the toughest to beat, so make you sure you block/coutner her dropkicks. After you take her down, head through the large gates you opened earlier and follow the path up.
    2. Go right, which will lead you into a little room with some heath and a Skill Point, then turn around and continue up the winding path to Pink Tower. On the path there, you’ll encounter Shadow enemies and those bird things, but if you don’t want to mess with them, you can just sprint by them.
    3. Once you make it, wait for the lift to take you to the top. After you enjoy the view, go and talk to the East Golem. Uh…after he falls apart, inspect his body for a cutscene. Following the long cutscene, take the platform back to the Canyon.
    4. Exit the cave and head west toward the platform that will take you to the Outskirts. Then go south toward the platform to take you to The Family Plaza. Head south where you will eventually run into some fools who will want a piece of you. After you take care them, get to the platform to take you to Halstedom.
    5. As soon as you arrive, it seems like the whole town will be after you. After you take them all down, there will be a short cutscene. Following that, head up the ramp and go southeast toward the platform to take you to South Road.
    6. Head through the opening in the fence (pick up the gun on the edge) and turn right down the path for several short cutscenes before you find FatherMother. Big fight sequence here. Use the gun you picked up to hold the enemies off a bit and also rely on the Gauntlet to help take enemies down.
    7. Following the cutscene after you take them out, go and talk to FatherMother. Next, head east. You’ll find a Skill Point up on the slope with the mini-pyramids (in the back corner) and can get some health and grenades from the clams on the edge of the cliff to the left.
    8. Head back to the platform to take you to Halstedom. Go west toward the objective marker and take the platform you find to High City.

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