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bc Quest Text Fade UI World of WarCraft kugnar 1KB 1579
Scrolling Combat Text World of WarCraft Guest 26KB 2467
Scrolling Combat Text World of WarCraft Grayhoof 26KB 6660
Rezz Text Monitor World of WarCraft Guest 22KB 244
AoM Text Editor Age of Mythology Vachu 534KB 4327
Red Text Medal of Honor z3r0 g33k 70KB 1275
Text Editor - Updated data.vdf for Titans Age of Mythology Mr_Sardonicus 147KB 848
Multiplayer Text Modification Medal of Honor MikeyMarriner 23KB 1738
Natural Selection: Text Weapon Type Scoreboard Half-Life a8A 102KB 37
DirtyHarry's Red Weapon Text Medal of Honor DirtyHarry 527KB 92
Yellow/orange text mod Medal of Honor DE_LANGE 18KB 156
ET Colored Text & Voice Chat Guide Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Guest 104KB 929
Halo Windows Text Fots Halo: Combat Evolved Guest 250KB 4402
Enhanced Text Details Age of Empires III Guest 1.37MB 352
Video Text TV S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl OcramX 581KB 125
BF2 Text Font Battlefield 2 woffe 626KB 11728
JK3 Text Mod Star Wars: Jedi Knight III - Jedi Academy DVD 49KB 187
In Game Text Replacments Unreal Tournament 2004 PingFre@K 63KB 418
Starwars SPG v1.02 =Text Update= Star Wars: Empire at War Roskov 436KB 308
Deek's In-Game Text Mod Call of Duty 2 DeekCiti 32KB 614
DAT editor (Text) Star Wars: Empire at War Delta_____62 63KB 138
CoD2 Norwegian Text Call of Duty 2 Guest 54KB 144
Text Translator Utility Sid Meier's Civilization IV Hastur 280KB 195
ActualQuotes Diplomacy Text Sid Meier's Civilization IV Willowmound 117KB 1349
KMOD 1.3.051 Text fix Company of Heroes Kyran 136KB 1900