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Name Game Developer Filesize Downloads
Freelancer Mod Manager 1.4 beta 4 Freelancer Guest 1.06MB 36585
Freelancer Mod - Discovery Freelancer v4.87: Conquest Freelancer Guest 90.64MB 403
Freelancer Mod Manager 1.31 Freelancer Guest 1.01MB 136442
Freelancer Mod Manager 1.5 Freelancer Guest 1.13MB 2778
Freelancer Account Manager v.0 RC2 Freelancer Guest 1.17MB 2111
Freelancer Mod - Freeworlds: Tides of War BETA Launcher Freelancer Guest 13.49MB 89
Battle Zone II Mod Manager 4 Beta 2.5 Battlezone II: Combat Commander Guest 3.06MB 1302
Descent Manager VPPBUILDER32 Beta 01c Descent Guest 459KB 208
Code Manager Version 0.9 Beta Quake 3: Arena Guest 2.91MB 1518
Football Manager 2005 Beta Demo Football Manager 2005 Guest 31.69MB 8231
Freelancer Mod Mannager 1.21 Freelancer Guest 1.14MB 1956
Freelancer: OpenSP (Mod) Freelancer Guest 570KB 17442
Freelancer: Dog Fight (Mod) Freelancer Guest 25.69MB 848
Freelancer: StarWars/StarTrek (Mod) Freelancer Guest 10.04MB 6045
Freelancer Rebalance (Mod v3.20) Freelancer Guest 42.53MB 5457
Freelancer: Discovery Mod v4.80 by Igiss Freelancer Guest 25.78MB 2911
Intrepid Freelancer v1.14 Mod Freelancer Guest 17.96MB 1849
Intrepid Freelancer v1.14.1 Mod Freelancer Guest 5.49MB 1178
Freelancer Black Dawn v1.1.2 Mod Freelancer Guest 13.16MB 484
Freelancer Bloom Effect Mod v2 Freelancer Guest 1.11MB 695
Freelancer Trent the Monkey King Mission 14 Mod Freelancer Guest 190.29MB 201
Freelancer 88 Flak Mod RC 129 Freelancer Guest 38.56MB 207
Freelancer mod Our Local Group GreenDuck Milestone 1 Freelancer Guest 2.22MB 26
Freelancer Our Local Group Mod Alpha 4 Freelancer Guest 48.67MB 3404
Freelancer The Equalizer mod Mk V Freelancer Guest 759KB 311