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I agree. I played wiht bots on el-alamein. I thought I would kick their ***. Suddenly I realised tha...

5th October 2003 12:10

It was only 2...that last OHHHHHHH was not me!

7th June 2005 12:06

Very nice guns...thanks guys

6th June 2005 19:06

Make sure you go through the checks mentioned on the site or on forums. http://forgottenhope.bf19...

6th June 2005 19:06

And now as a present of my 2000th post, you get an extra one for free if you ask nicely :donitz:

6th June 2005 19:06

...you were not supposed to find that out...

7th June 2005 06:06

Very nice interview. I never knew FH was so popular in Japan...

7th June 2005 08:06

Happy birthday....

7th June 2005 09:06

You feel, eh? Feel my whip :donitz:

7th June 2005 11:06

Whipping a Donut....mmm...:donitz:

7th June 2005 12:06

its 2002 now...so you get 2 for one: :donitz: :donitz:

7th June 2005 12:06

Hell yes! We need that!:bows:

7th June 2005 12:06

not enough...around 8h

6th June 2005 18:06


7th June 2005 13:06

whips are nice...they speak the language of pain ;)

7th June 2005 13:06

11PzG forums...also I visit subsim.com

7th June 2005 13:06

I wonder what happened when the cyclist went by.... He deserved it...but...it is just sad.

7th June 2005 18:06

1st movie

8th June 2005 10:06

nice... 9/10 though the text one is much missed...

8th June 2005 11:06

hahahhahaaaaaa....for O so many reasons....some 11PzG understand the inside joke....someone....helps...

8th June 2005 13:06

Sad...I really feel sorry for the guy

8th June 2005 13:06

Bolero by Ravel

8th June 2005 17:06

Post jumping again...cant wait

6th June 2005 19:06

Magyar vagyok, magyarnak maradok. I come from Hungary ;) P.S. Currently I live in Finland

6th June 2005 18:06

Mhhmmmm....I like that model...it has something special in it....true art, I would say. I mean l...

9th June 2005 06:06