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I take what n0e says way too seriously

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Enola Gay dropped "Little Boy", not "Fat Boy". Boxcar dropped "Fat Man".

27th March 2007 05:03

Good to see you again, Anderson.

27th March 2007 07:03

real men dont get hangovers (or at least dont complain about them).

27th March 2007 08:03

i cant hit anything with the guns at any apreciable range. you just kinda fire in the direction of t...

29th March 2007 00:03

Call the jewlry store and tell em "make me a grill"

16th March 2007 15:03

whatever, Quick-Draw Dubya will save you from zombies, gunships and chemical warfare. GIT SUM!! USA!...

14th March 2007 14:03

you kidding? California is widely considered to be second only to Holland in it's weed quality, we d...

11th March 2007 08:03

The few crack shots that have been recorded in Canadian history are widley considered to be genetic...

12th March 2007 04:03

it's his birthday today if im not mistaken.

11th March 2007 09:03

Super King has no need for a homeland.

11th March 2007 09:03

HAHAHA!!! full length movie on youtube. just get it via torrent if yer not gonna pay for it (english...

11th March 2007 09:03

Coca-Cola;3576519Nevermind Kading; He's just pissed because I forgot to smuggle him some B.C. bud an...

11th March 2007 09:03

Coca-Cola;3576746Do not post South Park!Do not post South Park!Do not post South Park!Do not post So...

11th March 2007 10:03

#1 needs a username and password to download and #2 is a rubbish site that doesnt seem to work prope...

11th March 2007 10:03

how do i flush cookies?

11th March 2007 10:03

mmmm, Bali Shag rollies with FRESH TOBACCO pwn pre-rolled cigarettes crammed with recycled tobacco j...

12th March 2007 04:03

ok, i flushed the cookies and the first link is still asking me for a username and password to downl...

12th March 2007 04:03

Barrett XM109 25mm Payload Rifle beats that silly rifle and its' NON-EXPLODING bullets. when will yo...

14th March 2007 03:03

it's my hot body, i'll do what i want to it. government aint gonna tell me what's best for my health...

12th March 2007 04:03

almost tastes better knowing that people are starving.

12th March 2007 04:03

i would prefer an .exe file rather than having to use WinRar, a program which i despise.

12th March 2007 05:03

Here is an artist's depiction of a squadron of wild beavers terrorising a Canadian Kraft Dinner depo...

12th March 2007 07:03

The artist is Canadian.

12th March 2007 08:03

high, no thanks to your inferior canadian smokables.

12th March 2007 08:03

but why cant i get the friggin .exe file? i hate .rar files, something always goes wrong and they en...

12th March 2007 08:03