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Well first of all I would like to introduce myself to all people on this forum :) I'm a big fan of F...

21st March 2008 09:03

Thats awesome. Got to get a match with that guy hahaaha :lol:

22nd December 2008 18:12

Genius voice actor :eek:

22nd December 2008 20:12

jessyjack10;4736829Hey Slayer, thanks for the reply but I heard that that's not enough. There are ot...

22nd December 2008 20:12

I use an USB headset and sometimes it does work while configurating in BF2 and sometimes not. Depend...

22nd December 2008 18:12

Like the voice in the FH2 videos? The black and white instruction vids.

22nd December 2008 18:12

Never seen him. Tell us?

22nd December 2008 17:12

Your OS always leaves some files on the computer, including those install and uninstall files you re...

22nd December 2008 16:12

Pray you are! Or be burned!

22nd December 2008 16:12


22nd December 2008 16:12

Another heretic! Let's burn them both!

23rd December 2008 10:12

A heretic! < raises torch and pitchfork > Become a Believer or you shall die!

22nd December 2008 15:12

naoko;4738036Another idea from me:p My be you want add bot radio for FH2. If you have play company o...

23rd December 2008 18:12

Berets for tank crew kits =p Or are those already in? Then FH2 deserves another 'wow awesome!'.

23rd December 2008 16:12

A Churchill vocie! I want them! :lol:

23rd December 2008 10:12

Shouldn't you being busy slapping birds?

23rd December 2008 14:12

Damn royal guards. :(

23rd December 2008 13:12

Yay! Get the poles, rope and wood so we can burn them. You can light the fire. The U&R Inquisiti...

23rd December 2008 13:12

We have no mercy for pagans, Ts4EVER. Or do you also want to burn?

23rd December 2008 11:12

Damn, it's Churchill :lol:

23rd December 2008 11:12

Good suggestion thread. Have to agree with that.

23rd December 2008 11:12

Grebbeberg would be semi-accurate and bridge would be very accurate. Would be nice =p And also some...

22nd December 2008 16:12

Motion sickness? Wasn't the only cure doing it over and over?

23rd December 2008 22:12

iffrich;4734972FH2 does have blur with 3D iron sights Thats 2D. You are aware of the fact that if yo...

21st December 2008 15:12

You almost made me happy. I thought we had an update :(

21st December 2008 16:12